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How Is Trauma-Informed Couples Coaching Different Than Couples Therapy?

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Healing, Conscious Feminine, Conscious Masculine, Body, Truth, Trauma

Shifting women’s outward orientation inward for sovereign empowerment.

By Sarah Poet | June 14, 2021

Women in our culture have been entrained to question, “Is what I’m doing enough? Am I going to be okay? Please someone prove to me I'm going to be okay. Someone prove to me that I am enough, please.”

By Sarah Poet | June 7, 2021

Women who are working on integrating their inner masculine with their inner feminine - in order to feel their power, grow their finances, make a business plan, or feel the oomph behind their voice - can take a lesson from men they admire.

Relationships & Union, Healing, Education, Conscious Feminine, Conscious Masculine

Teaching couples to hold space for one another through alternate forms of therapy.

By Sarah Poet | May 30, 2021

What couples experience has been the lineage of the patriarchy playing out in their relationship. What has happened to him can make him want to subtly dominate her decision-making.

Conscious Feminine, Conscious Masculine, Relationships & Union, Trauma

Masculine Analysis

By Sarah Poet | May 30, 2021

The masculine is logical & analytical. And, women can be this too. But is it always best? Does it feel good? I analyze for a living. I study patterns, energetics, and behavior, and then I tell you about them.

Relationships & Union, Trauma, Healing, Conscious Feminine, Conscious Masculine

Evolving relationship through alternate, trauma-informed counseling

By Sarah Poet | May 25, 2021

Trauma-Informed Couples Coaching is different from therapy because in my work with couples, I do not focus on one particular trauma loop, the childhood roots of it, or working it out primarily with dialogue. 

Conscious Masculine, Relationships & Union, Truth

The feminine desires full penetration.

By Sarah Poet | February 11, 2021

THE FEMININE DESIRES FULL PENETRATION. Energetically. The symbols are everywhere. The cock is but one. The feminine desires to be fully penetrated, to FEEL the masculine fully. To rely on it. To trust it. TO OPEN TO IT.

Memoir, Sacred Life, Truth, Conscious Feminine

Hope is not a strategy.

By Sarah Poet | February 6, 2021

My son likes the movie & TV series called “How to Train Your Dragon.” It’s about vikings with - you guessed it - dragons, and he still watches this cartoon at the ripe old age of twelve because he loves the whit. 

Conscious Feminine, Conscious Masculine, Relationships & Union, Sacred Remembering

You recreate trauma in relationships until you don't.

By Sarah Poet | December 31, 2020

When we hold a trauma-based perspective of someone else, or a group of people, we hold them in a lower-dimensional reality. We ensure a structure of a lower-potential. We sabotage what is possible. Let me say it a different way. 

Conscious Feminine, Memoir, Sacred Life, Truth, Voice, Soul

On Women's Bodies, Resources, & Land: A Story

By Sarah Poet | December 22, 2020

As a child, I had to make a salt-clay map of the United States on a board for a school project. My uncle was a woodworker, after his father, and so he made me a very smooth piece of wood for my project, which I appreciated.

Conscious Feminine, Voice, Sacred Life

Who is a channel?

By Sarah Poet | October 19, 2020

As the world awakens, we discover that linear reality, what we can see and interpret with our eyes and five senses, is only one way of knowing. There are many additional ways of knowing things, such as intuition and trusting our “extra” senses.


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