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For women, too much transactional energy feels gross: A new path to prosperity for the female spiritual entrepreneur.

Updated: May 11

I think more and more, women are keen to know when a situation is primarily transactional, and we’re opting out of it.

A few years ago I joined a women’s community where everyone was invited to share and build community, but really, in practice it was reduced to everyone selling to one another.

Or trying to. I never sold anything. Not because my work isn’t valuable or applicable to the women there - it could have been really useful - but I think it was because everyone felt "sold to" when I speculate that what we wanted was connection first.

Over many years now of what I'll call spiritual entrepreneurship, I have worked with coaches whose models I no longer ethically agree with, and I've watched as female entrepreneurs first emulate and then try to adapt and improve current models of support and exchange. Myself included. 

I've also watched women's circles that are like pyramid schemes and rely on overly-feminine processes and don't effectively help women creators to launch and be prosperous. (All feminine flow, no masculine action.) 

As women creators who are bringing deep wisdom through - based on life experiences, training, spiritual evolution and consciousness - we've got great offers, but now how to get them to really fly? Sales gets tiring, but more than that, it often just doesn't feel aligned to the authentic nature of what we're trying to bring forward.

How to be truly prosperous as a female spiritual entrepreneur?

To be a solo-entrepreneur by default really requires one to constantly sell themselves, which isn't at all the point when your offer is really genuine and life changing. But since we're a one-woman show, it can often look and feel as though we’re trying to sell ourselves. This feels off, and I can also say that from experience. 


Therefore, integrating experience with intuition, I am offering a new way.

A new community model formulated on relationships first, but with the intent that every single woman in the space thrive financially and experience prosperity in all areas of her life.

And, it's a community that fosters women's unique gifts and talents, allowing her to experience prosperity in alignment with her true calling and essence.

This community is based on the premise that women can be exactly who they are, develop their ideas into financially viable offerings, and be celebrated and experience prosperity along the way. This is the Sacred Remembering Community!

Over the next 5 to 10 years, I want to see this grow into an entirely new model for women's success. Since apparently the Barbie Movie made it acceptable for us in 2023 to now say "patriarchy" publicly without cringe, I'll say it is an alternative or antidote model to patriarchy. (I said patriarchy in 2019 in my TEDx, which TED just so happened to not want to publish... so I'm glad we're moving forward.)


I've held this community space for over two years, and what I've witnessed here as well in the other groups I've hosted is that when women know one another, and care about one another’s whole experience, they will naturally uplift one another.

Without making sales, marketing or transactions the focus, women's prosperity naturally elevates when women form authentic relationships first.

The basis of Sacred Remembering is "women waking up to the truth of who they are, and standing in that truth." We share the "this is who I really am" part, which leads to women feeling more confident to stand in that truth, which then leads to more prosperity.

So let me give you an example.

If I know Audrey as a friend via community, and I have seen Audrey's personal and spiritual evolution, and I've heard in Community Calls why she cares so much about the topic that led her to creating a business or an offering, I’m going to tell everyone I know  about Audrey‘s offering.

Because it's genuine on two levels. One, I have a relationship with Audrey, and two, I have witnessed her authentic process, the reclaiming of her own truths, and her passion.


Also, when a woman really touches into the very thing she cares most about, she lights up. When we see that in community, we reflect to one another what we’ve just noticed. "Yes! That! Please share that with the world!” This is the thing you could talk about all day, and the thing you could listen to your friend talk about all day, because her passion is so ignited. 

When women or female entrepreneurs are trying to do this in isolation, we don’t have the feedback, and we don’t have the community to uplift us, which leads one down the road of becoming transactional, even unintentionally. We have to sell our products and ourselves, endlessly, and that really is grating and draining to the cultivated feminine system within a woman.  NEW MODELS FEEL FEMININE AND HONORING.

If we want to stop emulating patriarchy, we remember what life with the integrated feminine actually feels like (Barbie doesn't understand that part yet), and then we have to develop new models that nourish, rather than deplete, the feminine.

When you are in authentic community, and someone over-steps and tries to sell to you first, it feels abrasive and inappropriate to the feminine essence. It will fall flat, and the relationship will likely suffer also. The feminine flourishes with relationships, a felt-sense of truth and trust, and connection.

I’m always astonished on LinkedIn that anyone thinks that they can come into my inbox and sell me something with one message. My clients do not make the decision to work with me through one message, they make the decision to work with me through trust, relationally, over time. I pretty much never invest my money when I hear about something for the first time, especially not a coaching or business mentorship offer, because I have no trust formulated for the person who just popped into my inbox. I actually don't even finish reading the message, because when you put transactions first, it is off-putting to the feminine.

It feels so good as a woman to stop playing transactional games. It feels so good as a woman to lift up other women, and have other women lift me up. It feels good to trust that we can all rise together - and that we will.

We are modern women, waking up to the truth of who we are, and standing in that truth. We are formulating businesses, offerings and strategies, according to the full truth of who we are. We are choosing where to spend our money based on how we feel, who we know personally, and what ethos we want to support.

For more information on the Sacred Remembering Community, please visit our Mighty Network.

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Money is necessary, but it's not about the money first.

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