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How Earth Grids Can Shift Depleted Feminine Energy

Updated: May 11


In this Together We Seek podcast episode, host JJ DiGeronimo interviews Sarah Poet about her insights on earth grids, feminine energy, and healing. Sarah discusses her awakening and connection to earth's energy currents, her discovery of a sacred portal, and her guidance from Sacred Remembrance!

Sarah shares the diversion of feminine energy by negative structures and stresses the importance of reclaiming energy sovereignty.



Understanding Earth Grids: Sarah Poet delves into the concept of Earth Grids, explaining their positive and negative energy currents and their impact on the planet.

The Depletion of Feminine Energy: Sarah Poet discusses the diversion of feminine energy into negative spaces on the Earth and its impact on women's energy levels.

Reconnecting to Source Energetics: Sarah Poet explains the process of reclaiming energy sovereignty and reconnecting to source energetics to shift from the old grid to the new grid.

Resurrecting Tri-Wave Consciousness: Sarah Poet discusses the shift from by-wave consciousness to tri-wave consciousness and its role in the healing journey and the new Earth.

Feminine resources: Sarah outlines eight feminine resources, emphasizing the need to allocate and protect one's energy.

Connecting with the land: JJ and Sarah discuss the significance of connecting with specific pieces of land and the soul contracts individuals may have with certain places.


My conversation with Sarah Poet was more than just an interview; it was a voyage into the heart of what connects us to the earth and to each other. It's clear that by understanding and working with these energies, we can unlock a path to empowerment and healing that extends far beyond ourselves.

I invite you to listen to the full episode to immerse yourself in the wisdom and revelations shared by Sarah Poet. Together, let's explore the energetic forces at play and embrace the potential for personal and collective healing through conscious alignment with the positive energetic principles that surround us.

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