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Sediment & Water; Feminine Earth Mysteries & Frequencies

Updated: May 11

I am an earth-mystic. 

Soil and water are my magic potions. My own body and that of the mountains are made of the same stuff. I see how rivers flow multidimensional waters of plasma and blood, of crystalline potential. 

Right now, there is a large mason jar of river water, sand, and silt on my back porch. I collected the water from Cherokee land last weekend on impulse. Every few hours, I go stir it so that it swirls. And every time I do, I feel an immense amount of energy clearing. 

From what, exactly? I don’t know. 

On March 7th I said to my friend Mary Costello, “I think we need to do a ceremony. Do you want to?” 

On March 8th we put it out to our connections. On March 9th we did planetary gridwork together with about 30 people. The work that we did helped to establish healthy electromagnetics for the new earth grids, among other things. 

On March 13th I held a Regenerative Feminine event. In these events, I channel earth-based frequencies for feminine sovereignty. In this event we experienced a great central pillar surrounding us that swirled a vortex of water, sand and soil. More hints at electromagnetics. 

My birthday was the 10th and I intuited that my son and I should make a trip to Cherokee for my birthday. 

On March 16th I finally made it to Cherokee, an hour away, to release the roses and water from our ceremony, and to see what else wanted to happen. Every time I approach a waterway, I pick up wet sand and rub it between my two wrists. Why do I do this? I have no idea. Because I feel the impulse to. 

Every time I go to Cherokee, I take every shiva lingam in the house and submerge it in water. Why? I don’t fully know, but it is connected to clearing ancestral lines. This time, the shiva lingams were all fully rubbed down with sand and silt, per my intuition. Per the “instructions.” They were fully cleansed in the sand and the water. Earth magic. I trust it. 

While at Cherokee, I had the intuition that I was to take some of the river’s sand, soil and water home with me in the jar I’d just emptied. I gave gratitude for this gift from the river (because it is) and I held the ½ gallon jar up to the sun to swirl it around. A vortex of sand, soil, water and light. 

All week long my meditations have been with swirls of sand, water and soil, and how the light meets this. These are, to my intuition, the electromagnetics of proper, sovereign, sound “manifestation” and where the Regenerative Feminine is going. 

I started a part time position at a retreat center on March 18th and wouldn’t you know, one of my first tasks was to address a water flow issue because sediment from the well was causing a blockage in the pipes. 

I’m being with this jar of sand, soil, and river water in continual attunement, like ongoing energy work. Listening for what to do next, then doing it. 

At first it was sitting beside what I’ve called “The Christos Candle.” A candle for the Christos that I had kept lit for about ten days prior to my birthday. It was as if this was in the works all along, the Christos waiting for the earth and water to come join it. The jar sat beside the burning pillar candle until the last one burnt out. Then, I didn’t feel I had to light another one. The alchemy had occurred.

After that, I was told to move the jar to the porch, and to stir it. Now, the water in the jar is asking for cleansing. I replaced it this morning. 

There is much I don’t “know” about why I’m led to do these things. 

And, there are some things I do know, or sense. 

I know this is connected to….. Clearing the particles of matter and feminine matter of woman, of earth, of false electrification…. Clearing gross things like blood pacts and false contracts that have enslaved the earthly matter and energy of feminine and land…. Helping to reestablish currents of gold frequency between “heaven and earth”.... Blessings for the actual waters and rivers of this land…. Probably connected to blessing the well, pipes, and waters of this place that will now also add to my own prosperity and that of many others… 

Can a jar of water and a woman’s intentions really do all of this? Indeed it can. In Source Connection, it can. 

It’s also of course connected to Re*Source - an 8 week container for women, opening 3/30, right in the middle of eclipse season. I feel the soil, sand, and water clearing the entryway into this sacred portal of feminine replenishment.

The purpose of Re*Source is for the sovereign Nature of the feminine to return. For each woman participating to know that we ARE Re*Source and resourced. We are anything that we seek. We are supported and prosperous inside of the regenerative grids of restored Creation. 

I am the earth, the soil, the sand. I am water. My lungs breathe for the Mother. 

I am a vortex of matter and water, I receive the light. 

So are you.


I am ReSource. And so are you.

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