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"We are all just walking each other home."
- Ram Dass

"When we began working together, I could only see my trauma. 

It was so distracting and at the same time, I thought that it was my life.  But now I'm different, my marriage is different, and my response to life is different. Am I really just feeling this for the first time in my life? I am relating less and less to trauma, and the picture of my life is becoming clear. It feels like I just opened the door of a cage and realized it was never locked." 

Erin P.

"On a scale 1 to 10, I would recommend Sarah’s work at a 10. She has such deep wisdom and has an ability to make it accessible. I love Sarah‘s authenticity and her willingness to be vulnerable. She gives other women permission to remember and align with their full, authentic selves."


"While using Structure & Flow, I became aware of tendrils of co-dependency/externalizing my worthiness with my (male) spouse. I became aware of simultaneously craving and resisting masculine physical actions--and when I gave this all to myself it felt so familiar and I felt so strong." 

Megan S.

"Sarah Poet is one of the most amazing Coaches & Mentors I have ever had the opportunity to work with. She is not only a powerful intuitive but also an extraordinary communicator. She was able to help me figure out how to end a particularly harmful cycle that had been perpetuated from generation to generation. She was instrumental in me finding my purpose. She was very thorough."

Carolina P.

"Through Structure & Flow, I integrated masculine/feminine balance in my work world through creating clear and focused priorities that I show up for without judging my energy or output, allowing joy and movement breaks throughout my days, and noticing the shadow of hustle or collapse at times if I'm not conscious." 


“Sarah interweaves energy work throughout her coaching sessions in a way that aligned well with my particular needs in any moment and is always deeply healing. She helped me navigate the emotional and physical felt-sense of my energetic system. The experience was gentle yet powerful and never felt invasive. The healing continued well past the time of each session as my heart, mind, and body shifted toward wholeness once the process was initiated in session. I would recommend Sarah's energy work to anyone, particularly those who are sensitive to other people's energy.”


"Sarah will help you balance masculine and feminine energy, work through any kind of separation trauma, and help you find your real power." 


"Sarah continues to help me heal, embrace my shadows and embody my voice and my song. Her words, her example, and her magic, yes I said it, magic - for sometimes feelings and experiences are beyond words and the only word I can think of to describe sacred work sometimes is ‘magic’ - are ushering in a new paradigm of healing the masculine and feminine and helping us all rise together.


If you feel a call, a pull a tug at the heart to explore how you can more fully show up for yourself, your work, your family, your voice - please, take a moment to look into Sarah's work and experience the magic - YOUR magic!"


"I think that before I saw the masculine as this harsh energy that forces my feminine out of her flow. Now I see that it is the force that supports her in her flow, so there is awareness of the synergy between the two. I feel like I'm still learning how to be with this in my body at this point, but at least the awareness is there." 


"A couple years ago, I cracked open, and thankfully I found my way to Sarah. She was a guide and held the lantern while I was in the dark, in the depths. It was truly transformative."


“I am choosing now to live my life in new earth consciousness, and to connect first and foremost to my truth. I am excited to be in my power and spread my love and joy to the world.”


“Through this work, I finally started to take action to help reduce my own personal debt. I recognize that this is essential toward my liberation around money and freeing myself up energetically for more abundance. I really appreciate that Sarah helped me to cultivate more conscious practices around this without shame.”


“You, Sarah, are a prophet. From the moment I first heard your story I've thought you are the sort of woman I would want to be more like, that you embody a certain integrity and fierceness and curiosity. I really love listening to you talk. I used to be intimidated by you, to be honest :) But I felt welcome and safe in this container you created,  and I really appreciated that and needed that. I needed a safe space to talk about resources and men and spirituality. Thank you.”


"I am now more in control of what I allow to get my energy." 


"The solo sessions with Sarah were really helpful for discussing and 'feeling through' the more triggering and potentially shame-inducing parts of my marriage dynamics. In these sessions I was offered a space to share my expansion and growth. I am grateful for our time working together. It was truly magical for me to watch you channel and share your gifts. I learned so much, on multiple levels."


"I recently reached out to Sarah for support with a wound and pattern I was experiencing around sisterhood (women's relationships). I somehow just knew Sarah was the right person.


In her session, she gently pulled me out of a space of dark feminine ‘warrior’ mode that I had gotten deeply stuck in. She held space for me to move through the blocks within the womb, and return to a place of sovereignty.


She also reminded me of my own inner light when I had lost sight of it. In a dark moment, I couldn’t think of anyone better than her.


Sarah is extremely safe, trustworthy and holds a space of compassionate non-judgement. She’s a seer, intuitive, and speaks healing light language that feels profound and gave me gorgeous images of crystalline alchemy as she was speaking.


She also provided not just spiritual but practical advice about soothing the nervous system to heal trauma. It’s obvious when in sacred space with her that Sarah is of the Grail lineage.


I’m finally starting embody my inner light again after a long downward spiral. I couldn’t recommend Sarah enough for her sovereign womb work, she is balanced and wise, and a safe harbour for fellow women."

Jennifer C.

“Through this work, I connected more with my soul essence and moved towards my soul path. I found my voice and spoke up more. I listened to my intuition and let it guide me more. I stopped, breathed deeply, and let go more. ”

Jenny R. 

"Every time I listen to this podcast, I'm blown away by the content Sarah shares. The wisdom that she channels inspires me to dig deeper within myself and gently nudges me to question my current perspective." 

Podcast review

"This is NOT woo-woo ascension. Sarah delivers grounded ascension information and actionable knowledge in a courageously vulnerable container. I always look forward to tuning in for more of this podcast." 

Podcast review 

"I was impressed by Sarah and her creating and tending a sacred space online for us to share and be and explore  .. I felt her kindness and respect.   I could share openly and was being seen and heard in a safe loving kind space." 


"I thoroughly enjoyed the session. I feel a huge difference in my energy since, an unblocking of many chakras and energetically some very cool things came in and moved me forward immediately. It was amazing how fast it was too. 

I felt safe and protected, and wiser after the session. The ancestors who came in to heal and provide guidance were long missed and it felt like grace to feel their loving presence. Some very deep and unconscious blocks were released.

Can't thank you enough!"


"After more than twenty years with the same partner, I had developed some unhealthy energetic patterns that were not serving either of us. The types of codependent, almost smothering, energies that I was using to try and connect with my partner were stifling him and depleting myself. I definitely took the next step in my journey of sovereignty by working with Sarah."


"I wasn't sure what to expect but I trusted that this would be a growing experience and that Sarah would hold a beautiful, sacred container. I was right. I also feel that her prices are aligned with her offerings."


“I knew immediately upon stepping into container with Sarah during our sovereignty session that I was in powerful hands. Her setting of sacred space was one of the most beautiful and comprehensive processes I have ever experienced before, and what was to follow in our session was nothing short of potent and illuminating. Her ability to be a divine channel and vessel is significant, and the potency of life force and light that comes through during the session is soul activating no doubt. Sarah truly offers up a unique medicine. My Being, sacred partnership, and life experience has upgraded entirely after one session alone.”


"My biggest takeaway is remembering I am already whole. I have a newfound knowingness that when I stand in alignment to the truth of who I am, the money and resources come. I continue to love myself, while rewriting my scarcity beliefs."


"Sarah is so brave, authentic, wise, and resilient. Sarah, you speak your truth, over and over again, and you process some of your intimate experiences publicly, for all of the world to see and potentially judge. You do so because you understand and trust that your experiences hold transformative power for those who might be drawn to the magic that you hold. In a world of cultivated public personas where we often choose to share only the parts that strengthen the armor of our egos, your public vulnerability is an ongoing act of robust courage dedicated to the evolution of humanity. On behalf of all of those that have been touched by your expression in ways you never even know, I offer deep gratitude for your work."


"Through this work, I connected more with my soul essence and moved towards my soul path. I found my voice and spoke up more. I listened to my intuition and let it guide me more. I stopped, breathed deeply, and let go more. I communicated more with my partner."


"When I worked with Sarah, it was clear that all the structures that I had in place were no longer working for me. Through our work, I was able to reclaim my feminine and open my intuition. Over time, I have become inspired in my inner masculine to take inspired action rather than hustle."

Female client

"Sarah helped us uncover the unconscious dynamics in our relationship that were blocking our desire for connection and intimacy. She deepened our understanding of how trauma impacts relationships, and provided plenty of ways to halt our automatic responses and communicate with love and warmth instead. Sarah was courageously perceptive in how she worked with energetics in the moment, and our experiences and insights that arose from this were particularly powerful.


Sarah's approach was encouraging and compassionate. She was flexible and met us where we were at in each session. We both now feel far more aware of, and equipped to work through, unconscious reactions and patterns, in a kind and tender way towards each other, and ourselves. After years of struggling without a map, we felt resourced and excited about the kind of connection that we can continue to create."

S.W., Couples Client

"I was having a lot of anxiety around covid-19, and what that means for my business as I try to figure out how to reintegrate into this new world we've found ourselves in. I hadn't had a panic attack in many years, but they had started again. Sarah showed me a tool to connect to my inner strength through anchoring breathwork and a grounding practice. I felt a million times better during and after the session. I used the tool a few times in the days and weeks that followed and the anxiety dissipated quickly each time. The anxiety and panic attacks are now no longer an issue."


"Really, we were headed down a road to possible divorce. Our communication didn’t exist. We fought daily. It was an uncomfortable place to be. With Sarah, we ended up learning a whole new way to communicate and connect with one another."

S.W., Couples Client 

"Sarah was a wonderful facilitator, gently guiding me down my path while I played ‘bone-collector’ (as I saw it), gathering up the bits of myself that trauma had urged me to discard. After each session I would spend the following days reintegrating these parts that had been lost, welcoming back my selves and feeling more rich, alive and truly me with each reunion."


"You, Sarah Poet are my favorite part. Your eloquent speech & teaching ways have been the impetus. You are divinely guided & I feel that."


“When I found Sarah, it was about a month after I had experienced a spiritual awakening, a midlife unraveling. At the time I was truly disconnected from my body, so much so that I didn't consciously feel bodily sensations; I was fearful of being my full self, scared that I was too much; I was cutoff from my intuition and my inner knowing; I was unable to emotionally re-regulate after downward spirals of unpleasant feelings; I was so out of balance, and was missing my femininity without even realizing it; I was holding traumatic experiences in my body in ways I was not aware of; and I was living a life mis-aligned with my highest self. 


By working with Sarah, in her unique ways, I am in the process of shifting all of this, of being aligned with love, bringing my whole self to my life, being gloriously too much, reconnecting with my body and my sensuality, and being clear of my path and standing in my truth on this journey. I didn't know what I was looking for--a spiritual guide, a reiki healer, a soul whisperer--but Sarah has been all of this and more.”


"Sarah is passionate.  She is engaged.  She is both rational and intuitive.  She is totally professional in her paperwork, documentation, and follow through.  And she helped me and us in a big way.  I have grown more in this 12-week program that I really thought possible.  I am grateful for the experience.  If you can handle being called on your own stuff, and you want to grow as person, then I would encourage anyone to explore working with her.  It might just change your life."

Andrew S., Couples Client

"I would recommend your work to others, because your message is authentic and true. Unity is key. I also feel you have great insight from your experience as an educator. The youth deserve to learn about this unity... especially from their parents. The energy work we did was spot on and I am so grateful for you. I really liked how you were able to connect even over the phone and how easily it flowed."


“THAT is her gift. She translates between the masculine and feminine energies.”


"I’m so grateful that I was guided to Sarah Poet and was able to have a session with her! I was moved to tears at one point when experiencing the understanding and feeling of how the feminine in my lineage had been affected by patriarchy and dependent on the masculine in unhealthy and unbalanced ways. I felt immediately different after the session."


“I would absolutely recommend your services to anyone interested in starting their own business as well as those who are looking for clarity or insight into their personal struggles with self worth or those looking for guidance because they feel stuck."


"Mothers in need of a reset or a reevaluation of their lives and the goals and obstacles within them would greatly benefit from Sarah’s coaching style. She has an intuitive energy that lends to her ability to dive into the tough questions in life. I wish all moms knew about this type of support!"

Happy Client

"Thank you, Sarah, for the work you are doing to empower others to achieve their dreams. Thank you for taking the time to offer guidance that helped me see more clearly the spaces within myself that are in need of nourishment. I very much appreciated the mindfulness exercise that revealed those areas that require more of my focus and attention. And thank you for holding that space for me to express all of those things openly."

Happy Client

"Thank you for starting me on the journey of healing my faith in myself."


“I have done a lot of different energy healing sessions before but none that were over the phone and I was very pleased that I felt the connection and energy very strongly. Sarah is a gifted guide and healer and I look forward to more sessions.”


"Sarah helped us uncover the unconscious dynamics in our relationship that were blocking our desire for connection and intimacy. She deepened our understanding of how trauma impacts relationships, and provided plenty of ways to halt our automatic responses and communicate with love and warmth instead.


We both now feel far more aware of, and equipped to work through, unconscious reactions and patterns, in a kind and tender way towards each other, and ourselves.


After years of struggling without a map, we felt resourced and excited about the kind of connection that we can continue to create."


"Really, we were headed down a road to possible divorce. Our communication didn’t exist. We fought daily. It was an uncomfortable place to be. With Sarah, we ended up learning a whole new way to communicate and connect with one another."

Happy husband

“I wasn't 100% convinced that it was working while we were doing it, but you know what--it absolutely worked!  Since then, I have felt remarkably free from the stress, anxiety, and fear that were destructively powerful inside of me.  That's what Sarah does--she brings her tool basket and her passionate, intuitive self and then gives the very best of her amazing self to help resolve the MOST IMPORTANT blocks that keep one from living a more beautiful life.  Not the surface stuff, but the stuff at the core of your being.  If you don't want to face that stuff NOW, look elsewhere. Go to someone that will just listen to you talk and talk.  But if you want to get there NOW, then Sarah is a great guide for this process.”


“I felt like a hurting little boy. She saw that. But, she also saw a strong, powerful man behind that scared and hurting little boy. A powerful man I kind of sensed but couldn't really believe in. She met both of them. With love and compassion. Don't read that to mean she coddled me. Quite the opposite. She challenged me, but gently. She pushed me, but lovingly. She talked to me in a way that said ‘you have fucked up, but you're not fucked up.’

Most importantly, she supported me. My life would have been SO different if I'd had her input years (decades) ago. In ways that I can't even really explain, she's helped me to connect with the true source of big (huge), loving, confident masculine energy that I never connected with before. And here's the thing. What she does isn't formulaic. Exercises and assignments she asks for may be, but the process is not. She customizes and shifts based on what's going on with you overall. She HEARS you.

Read that sentence again.

SHE hears YOU. She can honor you and call you on your bullshit (and you know you need to be called on it) AT THE SAME TIME.”


“I hired Sarah for her 6-week, 3-call engagement--and I didn't really know why... Except that in this time of escalating cultural turbulence and war between men and women, between right and left, between traditional and progressive, I've rarely encountered people standing boldly and unapologetically for both women and men simultaneously.  


Typically I see people take a position rooted in their fears and bias, a position that makes clear whose side you're on and whose side you're not on (for example, being For women, and to hell with men, because they've had their time in power and have messed it up).  Sarah's posts on Facebook caught my eye again and again as I witnessed her stand for the full power, freedom, expression and dignity of both women and men, taking no side and leaving no one out.  I was inspired seeing her continually call men and women (herself included) to rise up, to be more, and stand for ourselves and each other in a bigger way.  


I felt a deep resonance with her as this also what I aim to do and how I aim to be.  I felt in a way that I had found a long-lost sister.  The time, energy and money I invested with Sarah was well worth it, and I'm glad I chose to trust my inner calling to work with her.  I support who she is in the world, and encourage anyone who feels called to work with her to do so.  You're in good hands.” 

J.B., male client

“I had the pleasure of doing a few sessions with Sarah recently and I have experienced beautiful shifts from our time together.

She helped me ground in the earth energy and into my body deeply. The work together assisted me in reclaiming my financial flow and began to receive my abundance yet again, after a period of blockage.

During the next session, she connected me back into my sovereign self and it felt so good to be back in my own energy. I am the kind of person who gives all in relationships and to feel my self, my own beauty, my own power, my own FULLNESS, was an experience I had not felt in a while.

I left the session with a renewed sense of self, and a feeling of magical empowerment!

Thank you so much Sarah, Your work is a gift to humanity!”

Carolyn L. 

"I have been working on all that Sarah helped me discover and all that she showed me and today I am the happiest I have ever been. If you are ready to change your life for the better, if you are ready to put the past behind you, if you are ready to connect with your ancestors and break harmful cycles, if you are ready to finally be happy and live the life you have always wanted: Reach out to Sarah now."

Carolina P.

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