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Where we sit, we consent.

One day last year, I found myself in a circle of people (a literal circle, seated on the ground) which unfortunately included a man who I felt uncomfortable to be around.

But I sat in the circle anyway, a bit reluctantly, because it was a parent circle for an event for my son.

During this circle, this man, who I have a long history with and quite frankly don’t trust, surprised me by involving me in his self-aggrandizing example, mentioning my name as if we were in cahoots, making it seem in front of everyone like we were friends and I supported him. He pointed to me, said my name, and energy-grabbed. I had given no permission or agreement.

What the heck?

It’s the kind of thing that “we” have been letting slide forever. I let him and the other space-holder know in no uncertain terms afterward that what he’d done was not okay to do.

But looking back at it, I was able to track that there was a moment when I’d been walking toward the circle, saw him there, and didn’t want to sit down. But I did. And it resulted in something sly and uncomfortable. A micro-violation. An untruth. It felt narcissistic and intentional.

This was an important reflection for me.

I realized after that that where we sit, we imply consent. Where we put our bodies, we imply certain permissions.

The legal term for this is jurisdiction. I’ll mention that here without going into it - that’s a topic for another day, but I am raising an inquiry that could be akin to spiritual or energetic jurisdiction.

I realized then that I have to have information about the intentions and agreements of any circle or organized space that I sit in, and unless it is for the intended purpose of healing and mediation, I won’t sit inside a space with someone who has been out of integrity with me - especially a man.

You think I’m harsh? Too sensitive? I value my feminine energy - perhaps differently than anyone you’ve ever met. I’m just not down with energy-grabs anymore. And I’m not actually harsh. ;)

Example 2.

Later, for the purpose of community, I tried to sit in another circle. It was a spiritual space, but when I listened to the way the circle was opened, it felt a bit off to me.

At first I let it slide and kept going back, because I wanted connection and to learn from elders whom I respect. The way I open circles in Sacred Remembering doesn’t have to be the way everyone does it, I thought, and I can always set my own spiritual and energetic intentions for my own self even if they aren’t voiced into the circle.

It wasn’t long before some energetic (and anti-feminine) fowl play happened there as well. An energetic slight, a snatch. Too insignificant to try to explain to anyone there, ultimately, because I was a guest. But I realized that it would continue to happen in that space because the energetics weren’t clear. What was I doing there?

My soul knew the truth.

I was again in the wrong circle.

It wasn’t my place to change it. I could choose to stay or go.

I left, because it’s important to me that if I am sitting in an intentionally-spiritual space, that the energetics and intentions be very clearly stated. Otherwise, spiritual spaces without sovereign intentions often attract more moths to the flame than intended. It gets messy.

But it doesn’t have to.

Sovereignty isn’t messy.

Example 3.

A friend of mine is really inspired by a certain man in a certain church. At his request, I’ve listened to this preacher man. There are some great points, but the guy is still using anti-feminine lingo and referring to God with a male-only pronoun, so while I support my friend, I’m not buying in.

He asked me to attend church with him.

And I remembered - where I sit, I consent.

“No thank you,” I responded to the church invite. “These mountains and my body are my church.”

Do you agree with what I’ve presented here? That where we sit, we consent?

I’d love to see your comments. As a sovereign human, you don’t have to agree with me!

Our energy, our life force, is incredibly important. Start to pay attention to how many places and groups you realize you “support” by placing your body in those spaces.

What are the stated intentions of the spaces you participate in? Do you fully agree with them? Do they align to the energetics by which you know that you want to conduct your life?


I want to sit in community circles. I want more connection and genuine interaction. I’m also learning, a human on a path of Sacred Remembering, to trust myself and what is true for me, to always understand the intention of sacred spaces before entering.

And as a space holder, to state the intentions clearly for anyone who may be choosing to step into sacred space with me.

Intentions of the Sacred Remembering Space:

  • To support modern women in standing in the truth of who they are.

  • To support women in their personal sovereignty on all levels.

  • To help resurrect the sovereign energetics of original creation: ie Unity Consciousness. To help reestablish for women the choice to connect directly to Source as a sovereign being (rather than having to go through another space or entity to have access to “God”)

  • To support women’s regenerative prosperity, financial success, masculine / feminine reconciliation, and the resurgence of the feminine heart.

  • To amplify the potential of women in community, together, and to discover what is possible when women come together for the above, in themselves and for the children and the planet.

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