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Six mistakes I made as an early female entrepreneur, and what I would have done differently.

You're ready to leap.

You can't stand the constriction of the status quo anymore, and you've got something in you that says, "I'm here to make a difference! I feel my calling! It's time to offer my ideas to the world!"

So you're just about to go for it, or you recently have. My friend, I write this for you.

💔 Some of the top mistakes I made throughout the first 5 years of solo, spiritual entrepreneurship include:

1. Orienting myself toward an expensive business coach. There is a message we receive from the coaching industry that you have to "buy in big" if you're serious about wanting to succeed. This is untrue.

2. Making it about me. When you're pouring your heart and soul into something, telling your own stories, and offering something that is so close to your heart, it is very easy to make sales (or lack thereof) a reflection of your own worth. They are not. Sales are a reflection of a combination of many things - some within your control and others not.

3. Trying to go too big too fast. I had multiple products and took out a business loan early on, but I would have been better off financially to focus on building out one product at a time. Still to this day, I am sitting on products worth far more than I've ever been able to sell them for and an entire body of work that I know is meant for more.

4. Going full time too early, and thinking that getting a part time job would have been failure. I had left an accomplished career and I expected to be as accomplished in a new career too quickly, which put immense pressure on me, financially and otherwise.

5. Not realizing that love comes first. The heart comes first - in"business." I actually closed my LLC in 2022 and moved to a different model of service, because it's not about performance or profit for me and never was. It's about the heart, love and mission. In a business of heart and soul, the money comes after the heart and energy are in full alignment.

6. Along with the last point, emulating existing coaching models was a huge mistake. As a spiritual woman who was interested in doing it differently, going ahead and emulating existing models of building a coaching business only lead me to realize how inherently patriarchal and pyramidy it all is. I didn't want to be a part of it once I realized this.

❤️ In review, what I would have done differently and do now:

1. Go at a healthy pace and don't freak out the nervous system. That means: don't go into debt to hire coaches, don't make decisions from scarcity, and don't rush.

2. Supplement income and have it come through various channels. We never want our clients feeling like we're passing off our financial stress onto them.

3. Trust your instincts. If someone is flashy in any industry, discern before you buy in. If you want to say no, say no. Ask yourself how any option or action truly feels in your body, gut, and emotions, and then listen. Isn't it time to align to authenticity and integrity? Isn't that the kind of business owner you want to be? Look for that in your mentors.

4. Align to the mission. This one is really alive for me right now. After five years of entrepreneurship, I feel I'm just getting started in creating what I'm on earth to create. I'm learning to set bigger goals and stay focused on them, letting nothing else distract me.

5. Don't overgive. I give what it feels good to give, and I don't overgive in the hopes that I'll receive more later. I honor my energy today, I give lovingly what I have to give today, and I also no longer take it personally when my value is not understood by another. I have redefined my resources and my value according to what I know to be true, and I teach other women to do the same!

Snag my "Redefining Resources" ebook on the homepage at to begin redefining your value from the inside out.

The growth and success of anything externally in our business is a reflection of what we've got going on inside of us.

6. Now I am building out a model that I've never seen anyone else create. I'm following my instincts and creating a space of collaboration for female spiritual creators - a space where everyone grows alongside one another, and we uplift prosperity for all. It's called the Sacred Remembering Community.

There are certainly other mistakes and lessons learned, but this tally is a good honest start. If I can support you in your great leap out of an established career and into building your purpose-aligned vision, please contact me for authentic support. I have a 16 week container called SUSTAIN for female entrepreneurs.

The world needs what you've got, but we need you healthy and aligned to the truth of who you are in order for those gifts to be of real benefit. Trust yourself. We're doing things differently now, and conscious women are going to lead the way.

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Female entrepreneurship is a holistic endeavor requiring a holistic approach.

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