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Relationship Support

Trauma-informed embodied couples counseling and coaching.

A new & different approach to forging connection.

Relationship support

Is this you? 

I work with couples who: 

  • Want to get past a reoccurring trauma loop/stuck pattern

  • May have already tried therapy and you're ready for an alternative

  • Are willing to commit to trying new skills based in mindfulness and presence (I will teach you)

  • Might say you have a communication problem, but you sense there's more to it

  • Want to ideally stay together, even if it's in question

  • Have a female partner with trauma in her body

  • Are monogomous 

  • Want to evolve

As the planet is evolving, so too are our ideas and expectations of relationship.

All disconnections in relationships are, at the root, caused by an existing trauma that is blocking flow in the system. 


What I do for couples is to support your relational system in unblocking the space of the trauma so that more energy, love and intimacy can flow. 

My unique offerings are built from a lot of study and experience in trauma-informed care and healing, feminine/masculine archetypes, male/female dynamics, energy, and systems healing.

Relationship Support Services

Each of the following requires communication with me before scheduling.

Please contact me via the contact form or by scheduling a relationship support consultation.

Testimonials from couples are included on the testimonials page. 

Relationship Services

Foundations Course + Session Combo

Embark in my 7-module "Foundations of Conscious Relating" course. You can do this in 8 weeks by devoting one hour a week to the course and 1-2 hours a week to practicing the skills with your partner, even if broken down into 10-15 minute increments. 

Come to our relationship support sessions with what is arising in your practice and the sessions will bolster your experience.

Course + 4 sessions: $2500

Course + 8 sessions: $4000

Relationship help

Full-spectrum Coaching

For when you want weekly and consistent support and want the deep-dive. I meet with you both separately and together over 4 months of consistent care. Effective at detangling a trauma-loop causing significant disconnection in your life. This is a very close and loving experience with couples who open their relationship to deep support.

16 sessions over 16 weeks.


Relationship help


One of my favorite things to do is to customize a deeper experience for couples. We can do this on Zoom, and some couples come to Asheville, NC as a destination and include a mini-workshop with me as a part of their stay. We set up "tiny experiments" of connection around key issues in your relationship and work through what arises. 2-4 hours.

Prices vary: $500 and up

Couple in Earthy Colors

If you want a deeper dive...

Here is a 22 minute video about this trauma-informed, co-regulatory approach to couples work. 

Contact Form

Feel free to use this form for questions about services and availability. 

I look forward to connecting with you.

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