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Masculine Feminine


The Money Consciousness of the Future is Money Union.


Presented by Sarah Poet, M.Ed, Creator & Founder

Money is riddled with associations from old paradigm gender roles, scarcity, unhealthy exchanges and inequitable access. 

There is a lot of polarity in the topic of money. 

  • You have it or you don't. 

  • You are safe with it or you're not. 

  • It's good or it is bad. 

In this original teaching by Sarah Poet, explore how the polarity of masculine & feminine, and your own associations and behaviors with both, is creating your current reality with money. 

Then evolve your consciousness to Money Union.

Big things happen when we upgrade our masculine / feminine associations with money.

  • We stop projecting our needs for money and love outward onto others

  • We stop looking for the rescue

  • We stop being angry at or resenting the other gender related to love or money

  • We know how to manage our money without stress

  • We know how to respect times of rest and replenishment as keys to making money

  • We stop hustling and chasing success because the old way told us we had to

  • We move away from fear, scarcity, domination, manipulation and control around money

  • We uphold conscious structures for creating money

  • We honor the Union of masculine & feminine in our money behaviors

  • We honor Unity Consciousness as applied to Money

Are you ready to move forward...

How this course gets you there:

*This course is designed for women.


"During the span of the course, I  experienced clearing of some unconscious feminine/masculine behaviors and re-alignment of my conscious relationship to money.  I saw how my parents’ relationship with money influenced my relationship with money and also informed my expectations and projections of men in my life."

Carolina S.


Join the course any time.
Take it at your own pace.

Schedule additional private sessions as desired.

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