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Masculine Feminine Money Course

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Dr. Carl Jung said, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate." So far in your life, you have probably been operating in the 4 Unconscious Money Archetypes. This is why you struggle with money. Through this powerful 7-module course & soul activation, you will discover the path to the Conscious Masculine & Conscious Feminine Money archetypes & how they thrive together in prosperity & partnership within you. This information is completely unique & new to the planet! This is YOUR opportunity to live in the new frequency of Money Union. You can try literally every money manifestation tool on the planet (I think perhaps I’ve tried them all) and yet, if you don’t unlock the psychology of Masculine Feminine Money and allow this information to work through you, you will likely never “manifest” at the tier you’re looking for, and/or, you will not do so working in the way that feels good to you, in integrity with the rest of your life and energy. BIG things happen when we come into Conscious Money Union through Masculine Feminine Money: We stop projecting our needs for money and love outward onto others We stop looking for the rescue We stop being angry at or resenting the other gender related to love or money We know how to respect times of rest and replenishment as keys to making money We stop hustling and chasing success because the old way told us we had to This 7-Module course to take you on the path from money separation (lower consciousness) to money union (higher consciousness). Module 1: Using the money archetypes to bridge to consciousness. Module 2: What rules your money behavior? Module 3: The unconscious archetypes I: hyper-masculine & deflated feminine Module 4: The unconscious archetypes II: hyper-feminine & deflated masculine Module 5: Advancing your money psychology Module 6: Conscious Feminine & Masculine in Money!! Module 7: MONEY UNION! Creation Consciousness, Quantum realms.

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