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Feminine energy


In right relationship.

Relationship Support.
Women's Community.
Gender Equity & Private Coaching.
Quantum Energy Healing.
Feminine Resource Empowerment.

Helping Relationships

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Women have 8 inherent resources that are the root our true value. 
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Everything in nature is comprised of feminine & masculine energy. 

It is the underlying basis for the organization of all life systems.

I can help you

When these two are in harmony in our lives, we thrive. 
There is a great reset happening in the way we do work, exchange agreements, and relationships. 
This reset can & will disrupt many existing systems, and, 
we can & will arrive in a better place if we navigate this time of planetary change with consciousness.

What does the right relationship of feminine & masculine look like practically speaking?

Healing burnout
Healthy relationships
Money & resource empowerment
Healthy boundaries
Living life on purpose
Living your truth without self sacrifice 
Healing trauma & wounding
Living the life your soul came to live

feminine energy healing

Helping humans reclaim inner balance, just like Nature teaches us. 

Hi, I'm Sarah Poet. My mission is to help as many people as possible to stand in the full truth of who they are, in feminine/masculine harmony, in sovereign energy, and in a new paradigm of ethical prosperity.  


I do this through courses, thought-leadership, energetic attunement and sacred skills, community, and direct guidance through coaching and consulting.


I guide individuals and help relationships with a unique and diverse toolkit - one gained professionally and through a sincere devotion to walk an investigative and conscious path. I have two Master's degrees in holistic education & leadership, but my real credentials are in the deep soul path I walk. 

Welcome. It is my pleasure to support you on your authentic journey. 


“I would absolutely recommended this work. Learning to receive resources by being yourself is the antidote to women's hustle and being continually consumed. I think most women could benefit from learning to look to Source/Divine for resources instead of men.”

-E.H., mama & artist


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Located in Asheville, NC, USA

Serving clients internationally. 

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