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"Working with Sarah was one of the most powerful experiences of my life!" - Robert H.

Masculine & Feminine, In Right Relationship. 

Within you, in your relationships, and at work.

Please explore this overview & the detailed pages in the dropdown menu. 



Private Sessions

I provide responsive, direct, fully-supportive coaching, healing and consulting with profound results to individuals on a path of healing masculine/feminine related traumas and standing more in their own life-leadership and embodied fullness. Please see the Sessions page and any of my Offerings can also be offered privately 1:1. 


The Sacred Remembering Community

Perfect for women on a path of awakening who are resonating with the topics on the Sacred Remembering Podcast who want true community, sacred experiences, support standing in the full truth of who you are, and to align your career with your soul calling. Learn more.

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Autumn Love


Couples Relational Healing

Perfect for couples who love each other and who are stuck in a trauma-loop in their relationship. Choose from 4 tiers of support, the most transformative being a deep dive 1:1 coaching with me over 16 weeks. I guarantee that if you show up to this process, you will move the dial in your connection. Learn more here.


Organizational Problem Solving & Exec Coaching

Workplace dynamics are changing and gender issues have a lot to do with it. I specialize in the space between men and women, cultivating new conversations and solutions around relational dynamics, workplace effectiveness, mediations and more. Learn more & set up a consult here

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