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While you walk this path of “waking up” to your truth, and to feminine & masculine aspects within you, I want you to hold a light on that path for you - to give you a bit of a map. 
This is why I created The Modern Women’s Pathway to Feminine & Masculine Reclamation & Reunification. 
This interactive 77 page tool is filled with 10 phases of awakening, what the feminine and masculine are doing in each phase (within you and in your relationships), workbook pages, and teachings. 


“I read your E-book this past week and I couldn’t believe how much I could not only see myself in it, but also how it’s bringing lots of clarity of my next steps in business and where I’m at in life as well. My inner masculine work/stage 6 so big right now.” - Erin F. 

Masculine Feminine Reunification Pathway for Women

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