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Re*Source Serpents are each hand made ceramic medicine totems to hang in your home. Made of clay using a sgraffito method, each serpent takes a shape and channels a message about women, resources, and sovereignty. See IG Highlight for the channeled ReSource Serpent messages: @embodiedbreath. 


Each one is handmade, made through a natural force of creation, imperfect, and special. Ceramics is a part of my Sacred Remembering journey, and was my original major in college, before life happened.


The story of these serpents is that I started making them, each with an egg, in December 2023 and my friends were saying, "I'd buy that!" Another friend later said, "I see you making a card deck of these!" So, this year, in the quiet spaces between work and writing, between kitten paws at the dining room table that's more quiet now that my child is a teen, I am making 52 resource serpents, with 52 channeled messages. They are for sale and they may become a card deck. Each one is magic. Their exact meaning a mystery. Their purpose more felt than rationalized. 

US shipping only. No returns are offered. I'm not a product-based business and will ship each of these personally. If it were to break in shipping, I can honor a replacement. No two are alike. I suggest allowing that gentle tug between heart and craft to let you know which one, if any, is for you. 


In love and solidarity, 

Sarah Poet 

Re*Source Serpent 2: 4 inch

Excluding Sales Tax
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