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Heartland (Book) Chap 2.2: The Grandmothers Came Forward (Part 2)


There was an energy portal on this property. One day when we’d first moved in, the three of us, my son included, had a special fire at his fire pit in the center of this big earthly bowl of the property. The entire mountain-top property had a big dip in the center, something that this ecologist ex-partner of mine had said was very unique and the reason he’d bought the house and acreage. 

As we were sitting at his fire site, pretty much exactly in the center, I felt a “pull” to the land to the east. I sensed that there was an invitation, even a calling. “Sarah, this way.” I had gotten up off the blanket and wondered through the tall grasses, thorns and shrubs over toward a tree. That seemed to mark the spot. 

It was a sense of longing, of wonder. It was just about a hundred and fifty yards from where his fire pit was, but it had a completely different feeling to it. I wanted to be in that spot. 

And, I would go back there. Every day while I lived there, I went to this spot. 

When I told him what I felt in that eastern spot in the basin, I found out from him that one of his elders’ wives had once said to him, when he was having men to his fire circle and sweat lodge, “Did you know there is a portal over there?” and pointed to the spot I’d recognized. Him telling me this was a bit of confirmation, and likely the reason I’d ever used the word “portal” in the first place. I wouldn’t have known to call it that, but it felt right and brought up more curiosity in me. 

This woman had also said to him, as he prayed in his sweat lodges for a woman to come into his life, “Don’t imagine that you know exactly what she will be like. She could be covered in tattoos and already have a child.” That described me. 

I would go to this portal daily in curiosity, in wonder. I would feel, continuously, a feeling that I’m only now, years later, starting to feel pass - a feeling of unworthiness of this discovery, a deep sense that I was simultaneously discovering something very important, and a self-doubt that I would be psychic or mystical enough to get the whole picture. 

It’s easy to feel inadequate alongside the Great Mystery. And when there is literally no confirmation for what you are hearing or discovering, it is easy to doubt yourself, fear losing something if you came out about it, and wonder “Who Am I?” to bring this information forward? 

When I would sit in the spot, I would record audio transmissions in english and also in light language. When I shared them with the women in the Sacred Remembering Community, they would comment that this felt very, very powerful, but none of us knew exactly what I was even saying. 

I was bringing through “frequencies,” but I wanted to understand the meaning of it all. I now know that as the gifts of these frequencies of the Heartland come to us, the best thing we can do is to respect that they will awaken us, encode us, activate something dormant in our DNA that is now ready to be awakened. This is what being a starseed is, after all, someone who incarnates with ancient and future information in our cells, to awaken at the perfect time. 

One day,  I asked while in the portal, “Where is this a portal to?” and I heard “Andromeda.” I had had to go look it up. Andromeda is a galaxy that is actually incredibly helpful to Earth’s planetary ascension at this time, but I didn’t know that then.

Looking back, this is what was happening to me. When I had said, “I Am Here,” I had agreed not to the fairy tale relationship, but to the awakening, to the activation of the light in my own DNA. At the time, it felt confusing and overwhelming, even though I could respect that I was being shown something unique. But it was messy, and I wanted to have it more together. I wanted more certainty, more explanation. I wanted to be out of my troubled state and getting on with the life of abundance already. 

I had been a professional woman, a school principal and creator with two Master’s degrees in education and had developed holistic and innovative programming for fifteen years. I had built an awesome resume. And I had left it all to follow my soul. I had taken a path that I’d felt guided to take, but still, after ditching the mainstream and following the alternative soul path, I felt bemused. 

Why was I still struggling financially? Why were my investments and resources truly not being valued? Why were my actions not paying off? 

When he told me that he was changing his mind about the relationship and that I’d have to move again, I recognized that it was time for something new. That my life had to change. And so I went to go sit in the portal spot. 


A woman, not to mention the Earth, will give generously of our resources, because that is the nature of the feminine, of being a woman. A mother. A womb-bearer. 

I had no problem loving and giving. I was just always hoping for a level of honor in return that for whatever reason, I did not receive. And in fact, my resources seemed to be more consumed every time. I had been so resilient as a younger woman, always popping back up like one of those tube-characters filled with air, but this was now weighing on me. These choices that I was making, even though I was doing my best and trying to be a bold woman and make strong choices, were making my life so, so hard. I wasn’t winning. I said that in 2019 in my TEDx in relation to my education career and constantly hustling in masculine energy to succeed… “I wasn’t winning.” But now I’d done the thing of leaving that all behind - wasn’t it supposed to feel different? Wasn’t female entrepreneurship supposed to be the ticket to freedom? 

I was beginning to feel chronically depleted. 

I felt tired, so tired, after the last few years. Getting back up was harder now. 

For years, I fought like a warrior because I thought I always had to. But why did I have to? Where was the abiding love, the sacred union, the sweet abundance? When would I receive with ease? 

I went to the portal land and I literally fell onto my knees - something in contrast to the usual composure I held. I felt defeat. 

I remember the ground was wet and cold that October day, there in that low basin land, there in that space where the veils were thin, and water started to soak through the knees of my jeans as I began to cry and pray aloud. 

I was admitting defeat. Admitting I couldn’t do it on my own. Admitting that all of these belongings, this life of ours, it all needed a place, a true home. I had gone in a few short years from a career woman and home owner to a displaced rebel with a lot of good ideas that didn’t seem to be paying off, and I didn’t know when they would. I needed help now. 

I cried for the strain on my resources, cried for the ways I’d been strong. I cried because of how inherently resourced I felt as a human, yet I was always seeming to only scrape by. The inner wasn’t matching the outer. 

I cried for the exhaustion. The depletion. The frustration that men wanted to drink from my metaphorical well but leaving me barren was of no concern to them. Where was the protection for the feminine and mothers? 

And then I asked the question and spoke the words. 

“Why is this happening? I need help.” 

And that is when I saw them. Women, mothers, Grandmothers came into my view. They stood before me, answering my call. Whether my eyes were open or closed, I don’t know. But they were real. 

Elders, Cherokee women of the land, ancestors, women who had walked this Earth, and women from beyond this Earth. Some faces were clearly visible, others were like bright stars in the shape of humans. Some tall, others short. Some holding woven cloths, others orbs. There were hundreds of them. All facing toward me. 

They cried with me, they wailed so loudly I could hear it in my ears, they banged round drums. They made sounds on behalf of the Earth and they gave me messages, “Remember, the Earth knows this depletion. The Earth knows what it is to be taken advantage of. Every day while living on this land, you listen to the machines in the nearby quarry, you feel the rape of the land itself and have tried to help.”

They confirmed the accuracy energy work that I’d felt to do with the land, work with stones and energy lines that I will share with you in later chapters. 

They continued, “You know that there is a sacred transit of feminine energy running through this land and you know that the situation in the stone quarry is at war for it. This is a spiritual war for feminine energy perpetuated by false masculine energy that vies for power, that takes and doesn’t give back. You know this and you are not wrong. You know it as the land knows it.” 

“And,” they continued to validate, “SHE is tired. The Earth is tired. The feminine has been tired. We women know your tiredness. We women know the loss of resources to men, to colonialism and consumption, to this way of being that people have that is not sacred, is not the Holy way of the true masculine. We cry with you. We grieve with you. We are you. We know. We see you. Sister, we see you.” 

They stood before me and acknowledged, with great empathy and solidarity, the ancient depletion of the feminine that I was experiencing right there in my body and being. They called to light the depletion that women are so, so used to. In that moment, the acknowledgement was so deep. I wondered why they were showing up. I had never seen them or had a vision on this scale before. 

It was simultaneously solidarity and support. The essence of the Grandmother stood out to me. There was incredible wisdom here and I was experiencing a great, great gift. 

They didn’t tell me what to do, not with words, and I can’t say if it was in that moment or over the next days as I visited the Portal, but they showed me eight keys, eight codes for helping to heal the depletion of the feminine in the Earth, that all women experience. 

They told me in relation to these eight pieces, “You will call it Heartland, and you will share it with women, and this is yours to do.” 


I was aware that what I was receiving was unique. I’d never used the word “codex” to describe any of my work before, but what else could this be called? 

Again, I wish I could tell you that I sat down, channeled this entire book with clarity and divination, and never looked back. But I won’t paint that kind of idyllic picture, because as women in bodies, it takes time for us to undo the patterns of the past, to incorporate the new codes herein, to trust the alchemy of the Great Mystery, and to actually be a living conduit for the future-earth frequencies on this planet. 

That’s what we are, you know.

As we heal, the earth heals. 

As we claim the sovereignty of our energy, the earth is more sovereign. 

As we activate the light of the Sacred Remembrance of our DNA, the earth again awakens. 

As the earth reconnects her energy currents, we feel more of our own come alive. 

As we connect the energetics of Creation around our bodies, we see that we are a part of the earth’s living energy current as well, and we come alive together. 

We reclaim the true feminine together. 

And the true feminine activates the true masculine, and unity is no longer even in question. 


This book will lead you to prosperity, but by the time you understand the codes that are in this book, you will no longer want to consume for the sake of consumption. 

You will no longer equate power with money, or manifestation with validation. 

It is touted to women that “empowerment” means having anything you want. This is not true and can be borderline greedy. We need to check ourselves. Your empowerment is not measured in the name brand of your handbag, or how much you can consume. By the time you read this book, you will see that always consuming more, always using more of the earth’s resources is the equivalent of someone looking at you and saying, “I can’t wait to consume more of that.” 

This is about true regenerative prosperity for the feminine and via the feminine’s return, but this is in no way what you’ve already heard. Heartland is new, ancient, and different. It requires your integrity, your actual engagement, and your relationship with the earth grids, place, and new earth energies. 

Heartland will help you to build a bridge from the old paradigm - which was full of sacrifice, compromise, feminine exhaustion, masculine emulation, male privilege, survival, and feeling constantly like you are trying to fill your own cup before the world tips out your reserves - into a new paradigm with regenerative potential. 

We hear the word “regenerative” being applied to soils, farming, ecology. But now we will apply it to the feminine as well. 

The new paradigm of the Heartland is energetically different, and we can begin to live it first in our own energy bodies, through healing our nervous systems, using guided imagery and focus, and changing our physical vitality. As we utilize this codex, not only will our financial reality begin to shift and change, but we will change the frequency of the planet and develop entirely new systems via the new grids that we have established. 

Money is no longer the core focus of prosperity. 

The energy systems in you are connected to the energy grid systems of the earth. It’s time for us to normalize this, and in doing so, we resurrect the feminine currents and restore vitality. 

More than that, we restore the integrity of energy on the planet - in masculine/feminine union, and beyond. 

As cliche as it is, we are the ones we have been waiting for. 

We are the ancient Grandmothers, returned. 

We are the granddaughters, here to listen and learn. 

We are the Mothers, here to birth new and viable aspects of Creation. 

The ancient information for the future is within us, in our cells, in our direct remembrance. It is activating all the time. 

You are that important. 

You are not alone. 

You are the one we’ve been waiting for. 

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