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Sovereignty Affirmations

Sample affirmations for claiming your energy as your own. I am receiving more questions lately about sovereignty. To me, sovereignty means that our energy is our own, within the Unified Field and in full connection with Source and the positive earth grids.

Sovereignty occurs more and more as we align to the living, organic architecture of Creation. The thing is, it takes years for us to realize that we can even do that, spending a lot of time dabbling in spiritual playgrounds like tarot and schools of sacred feminine. Things that, imo, are on the path but are not the path.

Simply (and yet not simple at all), there is a multidimensional universe, we see the 3rd dimension, Unity happens at the 12th dimension, and although we could never really live at the 12th dimension, everything below it is…. distortion. Or potentially distorted.

So if we can’t live at the 12th dimension, because we’re humans in bodies and we can’t be spaced out all day nor should we be imo, then what can we do to support more unity, sovereignty, and less interference by things like entities, implants, remote viewers, and all those other creepers who don’t want us to unite with Mother Father God?

We align with our intention to Source Creation.

The great wide holographic field of the All That Is is beyond what any of us can comprehend, though we get glimpses and it’s cool when we do.

To me, when I don’t know wtf is pulling at my energy, or htf to actually get unstuck, or when I just want to make sure I’m covering my sacred ass from anything that might want to interfere with it, I say things like the following.

Perhaps you’d like to adapt these and try them too. Note: “God” to me means: The Unified Force, Source, Mother Father God, the Christos Sophia.

  • I claim my full God-given sovereignty now.

  • I claim my sovereignty in alignment with the Christos Sophia, the ONE true Mother Father God.

  • I claim my space in the name of Source Creation on all layers and levels, throughout all timelines, lifetimes, and dimensions.

  • I delete and dissolve any prior consent, conscious or unconscious, that I may have given to that which wishes to harm me or that which is not of God.

  • I align myself to my soul’s reason for being on this earth at this time and may the greatest expression of that incarnation unfold in the Grace of God.

  • I claim full sovereignty of all of my resources, on all layers and levels of any reality, and call for the return to rightful owner of all energies, resources, and life force at this time.

  • I don’t fully understand it, I don’t fully know how, but I intend with all of my heart to restore the Living Architecture of Organic Creation between me, my soul, this planet, and God. Please support my human in doing this and I intend that all that is in the way be removed with grace and ease.

  • Thank you God.

I hope this helps. Supports. Or at least makes you smile.

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