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Sat, Mar 30


Zoom event

Re*Source: 8 Week Women's Sovereignty Class & Circle

Know your 8 inherent resources as a woman. Make sure those resources are sovereign. Plug into Source to strengthen your coherence.

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Re*Source: 8 Week Women's Sovereignty Class & Circle
Re*Source: 8 Week Women's Sovereignty Class & Circle

Time & Location

Mar 30, 2024, 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Zoom event


About the event

Welcome to a new paradigm of women's resource empowerment!! 

You may be feeling: 

- depleted

- taken advantage of

- confused about how to get ahead

- excessively tired

- siphoned from

- disrespected

- under-resourced either with money or energy

- like you're waking up to the fact that a veil has been pulled over your eyes

I get it. 

I've honestly been deep-diving through the realms of "women's depletion" for a long time - picking apart every little energetic detail of why women are depleted, energetically and financially. 

We do the things we are "supposed" to do, right? You have probably: 

+ Done the trauma healing

+ Adopted a spiritual path

+ Practiced (false) feminine teachings like "submission" and "surrender" 

+ Done healing work on your relationship with the masculine

+ Taken money and manifestation courses 

+ Practice boundaries

On and on. 

And yet, there's still this sense of depletion. 

Of course there is. 

My love, all of that, ALL of the trauma, all of the healing, all of the "man"-ifestation work was inside of a fallen global consciousness that did not value the feminine in ALL of her Re-Source-Full-ness!!! 

We have been spinning our wheels, wasting our energy, essentially, while trying to get free. I know, it's been exhausting. 

I found that it all came down to 8 essential feminine resources. Every single way I could look at depletion was connected to one of these resources. And then the next question was, "Who or what is taking advantage of this?" And then, "How do I get these resources sovereign?" And also, "How do I get my energy sovereign via Source so that these subtle and persistant hits to my energy cease?" 

And it's not just 8 "resources," it's 8 resource categories. 

And it's not just "I'll set a boundary and all will be good," it's also healing and clearing all siphoning even on multidimensional layers. 

Re*Source is a component of Heartland, my greater body of work on the Regenerative Feminine. 

Re*Source focuses on: 

1. You knowing exactly what your inner resources are. 

2. You realizing that the external is going to reflect the internal. So how sovereign, prosperous, healthy and valued your internal resources are will reflect in the external. 

3. Energetic clarity. Yes, boundaries are a part of this, but this goes beyond boundaries to clarity and sovereignty. 

4. Re-Sourcing as in reconnecting into your Source Connection and the creational energetics of the new earth grid. I will lead meditations and provide guidance on this. This new field is what holds your newfound energetic and resource sovereignty. 

I've been looking forward to holding this transformative women's circle for a long time, also navigating this deeply on my own. 

The time is now. (Please do not ask me when the next time is that I will offer this. The time is now.) 

The 8 week alchemical container opens 3/30/24.  (This calendar event is for the first date, but it gets you into all 8 weeks.) 

We meet weekly on Saturdays from 12-2pm EST. 

Please attend as many of the classes live as possible. 

Yes, please, tell your friends. 

This extremely fair price includes: 

+ 8 week alchemical journey of transformation and re*source empowerment.

+ 2 months free pass in the Sacred Remembering Community where we will meet. (for new members, $44/month thereafter)

+ Women's community and private group in the Sacred Remembering mighty network. 

+ Workbook pages, visuals, weekly prompts

+ I will be sharing the energetic alchemy of this potent time inside of this group. This is a time of new-earth regenerative feminine womb-ifestation (feminine manifestation templates) and more. As the codes come in, I'll be sharing them. Everyone in this group is about to be *blessed!!* (The time is now!) 

Please see the 3 available pricing tiers. The price is for the entire 8 week experience. 

How to choose your tier: 

I'm barely getting by: $150= $18.75/week

My basics are covered but there's not a lot of extra: $350 = $43.75/week

I have what I need and have extra: $600 = $75/week

Please note that this offering could easily be priced at over $1000. 

Also please note that I am also a single mother, am not independently wealthy, and I need to make a living.  

I ask you to respect both my situation and yours when making your payment choice. Thank you. 

I have made this very, very fair for all the value you will be getting. 

If you choose to give extra at any time you can always do so @sacredremembering on Venmo. 

Please reach out with questions

I look forward to journeying with you soon!  This is going to be incredible. 

In love, 

Sarah Poet 


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