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Breathe To Receive

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BREATH + QUANTUM MINDFULNESS PRACTICE + UNIQUE TEACHINGS FOR WOMEN ON A CONSCIOUS PATH The breath is the foundation of all life and our connection to the Sacred. It is also your greatest indicator of receptivity. WHAT THIS IS NOT: Many "sacred feminine" teachings will tell women to just "open and receive more," bypassing that there is still existing trauma in a woman's system and plenty of evidence that it is not always safe to just "open and receive." Often times, women are often told this in relation to men/masculine, which can result in greater trauma. WHAT THIS IS: While opening to receive more may sound like a great idea, in practice we need to nurture the body/mind/soul in our individually-paced process of healing & opening. Here, we nurture our organic, divinely-timed opening through our own breath & Source connection. There is no pressure to open, there is only gentle invitation for the feminine system to acclimate to greater receptive potential and be in its abundant nature. CONTENTS: (Characters are limited, so full info is condensed below.) + Module 1: Intro teachings 1.1 Purpose 1.2 How did you learn to receive? 1.3 Feminine receptivity as birthright 1.4 Trauma imprints 1.5 Your nervous system & beyond 1.6 Hype/Crash cycles 1.7 Practice & energy opening + Module 2: Foundational practices 2.1 Hold yourself here 2.2 Expansion & contraction 2.3 Meeting resistance & fear 2.4 Opening your Source Connection 2.5 The Observer Self 2.6 the To-Do list meditation (productivity recovery) + Module 3: Going deeper now... guided practice 3.1 Opening throat/heart channel 3.2 Opening heart/gut (womb) channel 3.3 The Mouth of God 3.4 Breath as Partnership 3.5 Using purification frequency 3.6 Havingness 3.7 Circulation & Pooling SPECIAL BONUS MATERIAL! BREATHING WITH NEED: B.1 The sacred nature of Need B.2 Be the earth, receive the sun B.3 The Rose Heart B.4 Need as pathway to receptivity B.5 Need workshop B.6 Sound tones of Creation

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