It’s time for a new paradigm of relationship.

Do you feel it?



Now more than ever, we need conscious, committed partnerships. This wasn’t the kind of relationship you likely learned had modeled for you. 


Most of us learned to enter relationships with notions of romantic love. This is a version of relationship that just won't last in evolving times - because it's not based in growth from the beginning.  Honestly, it's probably based in codependence and previous trauma. And that is why you feel stuck. 


How you speak to one another, how you hear one another, how you make space for one another’s truth & growth matters more than ever before.  You want the most from your investment in love. 

Conscious Relating changes everything.

I teach you to upgrade consciousness in your relationship - elevating its potential more than ever before.


I recently heard from a couple married 18 years that these modalities were making them feel like they were in a new relationship. 


People typically contact me when they are either at one of two spaces in relationship:

  • "We need an intervention in our long-term patterns and we are both committed to rewiring our habits." 

  • "We are in a new soul connection that we've waited a long time to find. We want to cherish it and start it off on conscious ground."

Where are you? You find yourself on this web page,

and so I'll ask you: 


How important is conscious

relationship to you? 

Private Coaching

Conscious Relating & Archetypal Recalibration

What is involved in my 90-day private coaching with couples?

It depends what you are ready for. I will meet you where you are, and deliver what you need. 

  • We elevate you beyond trauma-bonded patterns to allow for greater intimacy between you. 

  • We clear blocks to authentic connection. 

  • We recalibrate masculine/feminine between you, regardless of gender. 

  • We dissolve antiquated gender stereotypes hanging out between you. 

  • We elevate the consciousness of what you want your next-level relationship to be.

  • With my help, we detect old patterns of behavior and how to tweak them so that new energy can flow, applying coaching, exercises between you, & energy healing. 

  • We take you from trauma-bonded to conscious, sacred union, if you are ready. 

How it works

Highly effective, trauma-informed coaching bridging you to Sacred Union.

  • Presence-based

    You go to therapy to discuss all that has happened to you. You come to my coaching when you would like to live in the present moment, making present-moment notices, and breathing together in this now moment. This moment is where everything is happening.

  • Neutrality

    You will find through the exercises I provide for you & my modality that you truly get to show up as you, in the acceptance of what is, and that a lot happens from open-hearted compassion without pushing.

  • Energy exchanges

    I'm going to be looking at how you exchange energy and detecting patterns. I'm very good at this, and then I "coach" based on what I observe. Often, the behavioral changes I suggest are very effective for couples. 

  • Body-based notices

    Rather than mental analysis, I teach you to "notice" what is going on in the present moment and communicate that to one another. What you observe about how your body responds to one of our exercises is telling about a larger pattern in the relationship.

  • Weekly calls

    We have a weekly call format, and in weeks 2, 4, & 6 I meet with you individually. Sessions are typically 75 minutes in length, respond to your current concerns, and I am also deeply tracking your progress over the entire 12 weeks and crafting the program to meet your specific needs. I give you plenty of notes & practices for homeplay.

  • Soul-level relating

    You have to move past the trauma in order to get to the depth of Sacred Union. But in this process, you will see that the courage that you demonstrate in moving through the trauma is the spiritual breakthrough your relationship has needed. 

See what clients are saying

Sarah helped us uncover the unconscious dynamics in our relationship that were blocking our desire for connection and intimacy. She deepened our understanding of how trauma impacts relationships, and provided plenty of ways to halt our automatic responses and communicate with love and warmth instead.


We both now feel far more aware of, and equipped to work through, unconscious reactions and patterns, in a kind and tender way towards each other, and ourselves.


After years of struggling without a map, we felt resourced and excited about the kind of connection that we can continue to create.

SW, wife & mother of two

This process was very different from any talk therapy we tried, which had not been effective for us. The coaching she does has been the MOST effective thing we have done to find help in getting through the looping patterns occurring in our relationship. 


Her coaching is trauma and archetype informed. Until we worked with Sarah, my husband and I really didn’t realize how much past traumas and archetype patterns were playing out in our dynamics and hindering us from moving forward.


Really, we were headed down a road to possible divorce. Our communication didn’t exist. We fought daily. It was an uncomfortable place to be. With Sarah, we ended up learning a whole new way to communicate and connect with one another.

MW, happy husband