The Modern Women’s Pathway to

Feminine & Masculine Union

The Modern Women’s Pathway to

Feminine & Masculine Union

The Journey To Wholeness Start  Here

Journey Back To Yourself…

You are a modern woman waking up to the truth. 

The truth of who you are, the truth that you are worthy and always have been. 

The path of being a modern woman on an awakening journey hasn’t come with a map -

until now.

While this journey is uniquely your own, there are some guideposts I have identified and written out for you.

While you walk this path of “waking up” to your truth, and to feminine & masculine aspects within you, I want you to hold a light on that path for you. 
To make it “easier” than walking alone in the dark. 
You are NOT alone. 
This is why I created The Modern Women’s Pathway to Feminine & Masculine Reclamation & Reunification. 
This interactive tool is filled with 10 phases of awakening, what the feminine and masculine are doing in each phase (within you and in your relationships), workbook pages, and teachings. 

There is nothing more important than you claiming the potency of your own sacred awakening path. I have found that this path ultimately leads to “unity consciousness,” which is when feminine and masculine unite in love. 
It starts with you claiming your own truth, the truth that has been repressed and the truth that calls you. 

And over time, the path leads you to ultimate inner wholeness, resulting in ultimate love in your outer life as well. 
I want this for you. I want this for you in your daily life as well as in your spiritual life. 
With all my sincerity and love, let these pages guide you on your journey, 

Sarah Poet 

Are you ready to see your life in this map? 

And receive your next steps?

“I read your E-book this past week and I couldn’t believe how much I could not only see myself in it, but also how it’s bringing lots of clarity of my next steps in business and where I’m at in life as well. My inner masculine work/stage 6 so big right now.”


“I am excited about my new understanding of inner feminine and masculine balance. Due in part to your inspiration, I have not gone grasping for a new man to distract me during this painful transition in my life.”