My Talk was almost too innovative for TEDx! 

My Talk was almost too innovative for TEDx! 


Watch to see why.

Consciously Reclaiming the

Feminine & Masculine

Within Each of Us


I ENCOURAGE YOU TO explore how consciously reclaiming the sacred feminine and masculine archetypes can lead to wholeness and connection in life, work, and relationships.

These archetypes are not gendered, rather both reside within each person and within our collective.


We must reclaim the true essence of the feminine & masculine archetypes within our lives if we are to prosper.


My talk was almost censored, and was flagged by TED for going outside their content guidelines as “new age,” which is not at all the intent of this talk and exemplifies the implicit need for us to truly expand our consciousness on this topic as a collective of people.

Start a conversation. We’ve been living with a certain veil over our eyes. Let’s lift it now.