Business Development

Coaching for Female Spiritual

Entrepreneurs Years 0-3​

With Sarah Poet


Business Development

Coaching for Female Spiritual

Entrepreneurs Years 0-3​

With Sarah Poet

What is Sustain?

To me, SUSTAIN embodies the true prosperity of women business owners of the future. Ethical business, right relationship with resources, energetic sovereignty, quantum creation, and prosperous resources in the hands of women who respect the Earth’s resources. This is what SUSTAIN is about.

I 100% believe that what is coming through women - and women inspired to lead soul-inspired businesses at this time - is some of the richest, wisest, most innovative, most inspiring, most heart-centered information on the planet. In fact, I believe that what we are bringing forward holds the solutions to the flaws of the old paradigm and helps to establish a new paradigm of love, unity, and prosperity on Earth. 


For example, my soul’s work combined with my personal experience being under-resourced, and my determination to find another way, lead me here. To Sustain, to my practice, and now, to you. I have a new-paradigm way of doing business that I would like to share with you. And as you grow your business and come into what is truly meant to be birthed by you, you too will create what helps to bring new thought, right action, and just the right amount of actual magic through to your future clients. 

Gain Clarity

Gain Clarity 

  • Allow your soul to guide you. 

  • Beyond “Ideal Customer Avatar” & the focus on selling.

  • What does your soul know you are to do? 

  • No really, let’s get honest. 

  • Crafting your offers.

  • Copywriting & clarity. 

  • Doing business your way. 

  • Resistance & flow as feedback. 

  • What does the energy support? 

Resource Wealth

Resource Wealth

  • What to charge clients? 

  • Aligning the money to the quality of the offering. 

  • Quantum creation - how to. 

  • Quantum encodement in your business. 

  • Business as a sovereign entity: the energetics of healthy business.

  • Diversifying your assets. 

  • Practical magic of money creation - how to.

  • Bridging old to new thought paradigms re: money. 



  • Knowing “When can I leave my job?”

  • Get support with legal set up. 

  • Balancing masculine & feminine, structure & flow. 

  • Tracking to know your resources. 

  • Funding sources, numbers, and what it really takes. 

  • Diversifying your income streams. 

  • Right relationship with resources in business. 

Congratulations - you desire to run a sustainable soul-led business! As you claim this truth of your heart to create a business , I love supporting you in creating a very stable foundation for your endeavor - spiritually, financially, and aligned with exactly what you want to do. 


I absolutely believe that true prosperity is the result of our alignment to our soul’s mission on the planet. I’ve imagined it, believed it to be true, and lived it. 


Yes, you can do want to do and make a living doing it! 


However, I also think that there is a LOT of misleading messaging out there in the spiritual entrepreneur space that would have you believe that if you say your “yes” to your soul’s path, then the abundance automatically comes with ease. I know I naively thought this -

"With passion, I can't lose!"

Literally, the weekend I was deciding whether or not to hand in my resignation letter, I said, “Universe, I need a sign I should do this.” Before the end of that day, a new client had scheduled a consultation, signed up, and paid in full. I took it as a sign, thought I couldn’t lose, and I entered into a situation that actually put a lot of spiritual and financial pressure on myself. 


I wish I could say that everything came as easily as that client, but it wouldn’t be true. I had a dream, but I didn't have the business skills, and I had to pass a LOT of tests, as you likely will too.


Because if you are beginning a soul-led business, you are actually going to have to face - and integrate - the parts of you that are needed for your deep offering. I grew more in the first three years of my business than in any other time in my life. 


A soul-led business is not just a business. It is a spiritual entity, a consciousness, and you and your soul’s mission are in service to it.


And yes, your own "shit" is

most certainly going to come up to be healed! 


So you need a guide who can coach the soul & the business both.

What worries are you bringing into your creation?

It's natural to have worries along with enthusiasm at the start. 


Are you nervous about what people are going to think if you step into your truth? You will need to face this. 


Do you want to make more money at your soul-led offering than you’ve ever made in your life, but you struggle to track your money expenditures? Well, all your money stuff is going to need to be looked at in order to lay the foundation of a viable business. 

You are going to need soul AND business support. Because birthing your business is about birthing your own mission.

You walk in co-creation with your business. You serve it - it serves you.


This requires that you listen to yourself and your intuition in deep ways. Truly, you will know so much intuitively about how you really want to run your business, so please allow me to support you in trusting yourself powerfully from the beginning.

Do not chase fame, or immediate success, or what some boastful “coach” promises you should be able to earn. Please, don’t even start that way. 

Start Within.

I’m not here to boast a certain way of doing business or how to get your “six-figure launch” in the first year. If you want that kind of prescription or plan, you can find plenty of others promising that. I will not be the woman who tells you how you will earn your money, because you know what? That depends on you, your soul, and how you show up. 


Every time. Not one method will work for everyone. And, even the notion of business is evolving. We are creating a New Earth, with new ideas (yours among them), and new currencies. We are creating new ways of optimizing our energy, utilizing feminine, masculine, and yes, even * magic *.

I have experience, an immense tool-kit, I’ve gritted it out myself, I’ve made my own magic, and I stuck with it. I earn my living entirely on a soul-based brand that is completely created out of my intuition and practical business attunement, my commitment to living in integrity to my soul, partnering with Creation, getting comfortable saying anything I want, making mistakes in public and owning them in public, and recommitting as many times as it took.

For those of you who are selling your time and soul in a job you no longer align with, who know that you have a unique gift to the world, who want to actually figure out how to create income that is beyond any payscale any employer would approve, you know what I’m talking about. You know what you want. 


I will help you to cultivate your unique flavor of business. I will help you to strengthen your voice, your energy, and to move beyond limitations.


I will mentor you at all levels - physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual / energetic - to bring through your soul-inspired creation.


Only you know what this creation is, and I can help you with the confidence, cultivation, organization, and structure of that creation. 


I will help you with a business plan, with your relationship to numbers, and the realistic nature of money and business. Yes, there is magic here, but oh yes, there is practicality too. As with everything, I'm approaching this from a healthy masculine/feminine approach, an integrated and multidimensional approach. We want to anchor the big vision and sacred purpose of your work into the here and now moment. 

I want you to succeed.

But more than that, I want you to build a legacy. I want you to 


Take Sustain as a 

Private Mentorship

  • 20 session package, to be used within 6 months (allows time for integration weeks)

  • 75 Minute Sessions Weekly

  • Session 1 will set intentions and goals based on age of business and progress of business planning. 

  • This is not one-size fits all but will be tailored to each woman’s business, personality, intentions, and needs. This is close, practical, & quantum support on your soul-led business. I will support you in trusting yourself. 

  • Each session formulates goals & homeplay for you to engage with between sessions. This is a working, productive relationship and your action is required. Do not schedule until you are ready to take action - hypothetical exploration will not result in satisfaction for either one of us. 

  • We will weave in energy sessions, any coaching or mentoring that is needed or asked for, and support from the unseen realms into our sessions. This is Sacred Business development.

Have Questions?

If you like my message but need guidance in choosing which program option or private mentorship is right for you on your unique journey, it is my goal to meet you supportively exactly where you are.


Schedule a 15 minute consultation today to discuss.