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Soul Accelerator

You are ready to align with the truth of who you are and never again look back.

Now is your time. 

Guidance, Coaching, and Soul Activation

Hello, sacred soul. 

You have a particular spark inside of you. We could call it an essence. 

This essence is essential to Creation. It is as essential to the whole as it is to you. 

That longing that you have within yourself to truly know yourself and why you came, it is essential to not only you, but to the evolution of the planet at this time. 

You are not wrong. 

You are meant for more. There is so much more inside of you. 

You came to remember the truth of your own soul, and to allow that essence to emerge, return, be, and shine. 

On a soul path, we find along the way those teachers, healers, and guides with whom our soul resonates. Ultimately, our direct connection to Source, Nature, and our own self-sovereignty will be our greatest teacher. 

And there are also those other humans on the path that have walked what we are walking, have braved what we need to brave, have figured some things out and are now code-holders to truths we sense need to awaken in our own soul. 

When you feel that resonance with me as a teacher, guide, and code-holder, please know that I am  honored and humbled by that, and I support and uphold your self-sovereignty and Source connection in our working relationship. I support you in never giving away your power, and by working together, you are not giving your power to me.


In working together, I put my energy behind helping your soul to activate more and more of your own truth. 

I am creating the Soul Accelerator for those who are ready to take a much deeper dive into the truth of your own soul in combination with the teachings, codes, and skills I have cultivated as a guide, for the purpose of giving you a massive, quantum-leap experience of acceleration and progress in your life. 

When it's time to live as you are truly meant to live, and you want to catapult your forward momentum, please contact me. I am happy to answer questions. Any of my teachings and topics are on the table for this offer. Pick your focus. Or show up and I trust we will know what to do. 

If this is for you, you know it in your soul. 

Email when you are ready.

In love and solidarity, 

Sarah Poet 

Pebble Beach

8 Months


3 weekly sessions / month

Telegram support as needed

12 Months


email: when you

are ready to begin

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