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"Sarah has a very particular type of medicine and magic that she offers to the world.

I have sat with many practitioners, and have never experienced this type of healing before." - L.D. 

Writing on Beach

Soul-Alignment Single Session Deep Dive

Get support in exactly the space of your own growth edge. Quantum healing. Align to your own soul in the Unified Field. Receive intuitive, practical and channeled guidance for this moment on your life's journey.

At this time, as I choose to work with clients who want to go deep and sustain true change,

single sessions are only available to members of the Sacred Remembering Community.

1:1 for Women

Sacred space for women who are on their way to becoming embodied leaders in the new and regenerative paradigm. Integrate feminine & masculine in your life. Empower your resources. Make the necessary changes. Align with what Nature & your Soul show you. Integrate your whole self into how you show up in the world.

3 weeks on/one week off, set schedule.

4 months: $3700

8 months: $7700

12 months: $10,999

Includes Telegram support between sessions.

Email to express interest and ask for availability. 

Misty Slopes

1:1 for Men

Embody the deep and powerful presence of who you truly are. Be an example of new-paradigm masculinity. Recognize that trying to be the "safe guy" or constantly pleasing women is ineffective and makes you feel weak.  It's time to move from "performance mode" to embodied divine presence. 

12 sessions over 16 weeks: $3700

Includes Telegram support.

Email to express interest and ask for availability. 

Click here for additional Services
for Couples & Organizations.

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