The Sacred Truth Mastermind

A soul journey

to claim your deepest  truths.

The Sacred Truth Mastermind

A soul journey

to claim your deepest  truths

Are you ready to stand in the full truth of who you are?

This experience will take you there.

You are a modern woman waking up to the truth. 


The truth of who you are, the truth that you are worthy, the truth that you are sacred. 


The truth that you are crucial to the conscious evolution of the planet and that the world needs you and your unique gifts.


Your will…


Your decisions...


Your story…


Your soul…


These factors determine your unique pathway through life and each of us must find our way in accordance with our unique soul expression. 

As Women,

we were conditioned to believe that:

  • Women were sinful

  • Intuition was wrong

  • Women were not holy

  • God was a man

  • Women’s voices aren’t wise

  • The feminine itself was dangerous

What is Sacred Truth?

For thousands of years, the truths that live inside of women have been silenced. 

And, do you know what I discovered in my own walk to reclaim my voice as a woman? 


THERE IS NO SEPARATION between women and the Sacred.


You are Sacred. Your intuition is your connection with Creation.

Magic is your birthright.


It’s time to CLAIM IT. 

Sacred Truth MasterMind

I created the Sacred Truth MasterMind™, a deep soul journey for modern women ready to stand in the full truth of who they are, to offer structure and flow to this often unfamiliar and often solo path, so that we can let our own unique journeys unfold in a safe environment, the way they are meant to, with the support of other women that are walking along with us. 


Because, growth and healing are accelerated when women come together with a shared intention and allow themselves to own their sacred nature…


When women align to their truths, and they witness others doing the same, it is in THAT intention that Creation Consciousness is truly possible.


Come as you are. Come ready to live your truth. And watch true magic unfold. 

A 4-Month Sacred Journey

To Become The Living Embodiment Of Your Sacred Truth.

Sacred Remembering

Month 1: Sacred Remembering


I will teach you how to fortify your Sacred Devotion to your Truth.

  • Setting structures for the Sacred in us to be upheld.

  • Create your sacred soul map - the magic of intentions and direction. 

  • Cultivate sacred practices to ignite your life. 

  • Heal your nervous system. Drop the hustle. 

  • Claim your actual Magic, trust the Mystery. 

  • Practice neutrality - your new superpower. 

  • Calling all fragmented parts of yourself back to yourself. 

  • Learn what is meant by “sacred architecture.” Learn the secrets of a woman coming back to wholeness.

The New Sacred Feminine

Month 2: The New Sacred Feminine


  • We align to our Truth, not our past trauma.

  • Sacred Alignment to the Truth of Who We Are. 

  • Clear victim/victimizer & sexual misery programs from the patriarchy that have kept you stuck. 

  • Learn Masculine & Feminine in the New Earth Paradigm. Sacred geometry, frequencies, & union within.

  • Clear Mother & Father Wounding, lineage clearings. 

  • Take HER to church - we create the Temple. The Temple erected of your Truth. Modern Mystery in Action.

Soul Alchemy

Month 3: Soul Alchemy


  • Soul retrievals & reclaiming outcast parts. 

  • Enlivening the New Feminine Heart.

  • Honoring your past silence and liberating story. 

  • Discover the purity of women together in Sacred Circle.

  • The magic of forgiveness: self & other. 

  • Sacred Wealth: Healing provision wounding.

  • Sacred Neutrality & Polarity Collapse Technique.

Sovereignty As Truth

Month 4: Sovereignty As Truth


  • Destiny, Purpose, & TRUTH. 

  • Creation Consciousness is activated now. What are you intentionally creating? 

  • Your Truth, Aligned & Attuned

  • The Embodiment of the Truth Teller 

  • Standing in your Energetic & Sacred Sovereignty 

Love Notes From Clients

This group helps me share my most vulnerable and deepest shares. It gives me a place, outside of therapy, where I can do deep personal work and feel supported by a circle of true sisters.


The authentic sharing and the magical convergence of souls is my favorite part! Her soul medicine is powerful. I have found my direction and every day my soul reveals a little more to me.


What is a Mastermind?

When you hear MasterMind from me, think “Master Consciousness.” Think “hive” where each woman’s truth is absolutely honored. Think “Master Creation Potential.”

Each woman is an active and integral part of this experience. This is not group-coaching, where Sarah is the only one leading. Each woman participates and therefore adds to the collective consciousness of the space. 


When women align to their truths, and they witness others doing the same, it is in THAT intention that Creation Consciousness is truly possible. I have a specific map for this. 


Come as you are. Come ready to live your truth. And watch true magic unfold. 

The most rapid growth &

expansion of my life!

I feel like I have been able to experience some of the most rapid growth and expansion in my life while participating in this Mastermind. And it feels good! This is my first experience working with a women’s group like this and I can see how important and helpful it is for me to know there is a support network of like minded women who are moving toward the same thing. It helps keep me focused, inspired, and motivated to be part of their journey as well.” - SW

What's Included in the

Sacred Truth Mastermind?

3+ Live Calls Per Month

Live weekly group teachings offer both structure & flow, as we set the intentions and allow for the sacred mystery to flow between us & the alchemy to occur! Are you ready to truly trust the Sacred as Truth?

Transformative Group Alchemy

Growth & healing are accelerated when women come together with a shared intention! Let yourself be seen & experience your own Sacred Reflection.

A Safe Space & Solid Container

I am an experienced space holder, teacher, & healer —allowing you to exhale fully into the assurance that you are held. Are you ready to experience a safe AND effective women’s group?

Lifetime Access to All Materials

Enjoy access for life to all teachings, recordings, meditations, and materials organized, accessible anywhere + on any device.

Private Community

Ask questions & deepen your connection by participating in our private group. New content shared daily. True soul family bonds are formed.

Supportive Practices

Sacred meditations & activations, live energy transfers, soul alchemy, and sacred practices to support you in becoming an embodiment of your own Sacred Truth.

Mastermind Bonuses

As a gift of gratitude, the women in this MasterMind will also receive these added benefits to further support their growth, integration, & manifestations.


One private healing session with Sarah to be used during the program.

(See VIP offer for more private sessions.) 


You will have access to additional and timely recorded activations & energy healings channeled by Sarah.


Not only do you get the attention & expertise of Sarah, but each woman in the group shows up for one another.

Love Notes From Clients

My sacred truth was not as deeply hidden as I anticipated. The energy of the women in the group along with Sarah’s wise guidance have been such an inspiration & so honoring. 


You, Sarah Poet are my favorite part. Your eloquent speech & teaching ways have been the impetus. You are divinely guided & I feel that.


This Mastermind meets once a year.

Join the waitlist to be notified when enrollment next opens.

Meet your Facilitator

Whether you are just beginning your journey or are at a point of taking a leap, I’d love to connect with you.


I love supporting you doing the deep-dive work, stepping into your life purpose, or taking the reins on your own life.


Women everywhere are waking up to the story of inadequacy and separation that I have lived for sure - through the adoption of my first child and all of the internal beliefs that always held me back. And, I have lived and continue to live the reclamation. It is a sincere and arduous journey. But it is a worthy one.


Many will not choose it. For your own soul and fulfillment, I hope that you will.


I am here to serve YOU from the connected space of the heart, and to respond to the needs of each of my clients and the world beyond. I believe we come here to live the stories of our lives so that we can then heal and be of service.


This Sacred Truth MasterMind is my offering to you.

Here's What My Clients Are Saying


"I am here to tell you that if you bring your full self to this deep work, you will absolutely be transformed. She will meet you wherever you are and help you reconnect to your true self. She will challenge you, hold safe space for you, and be with you as you grapple with your own limiting beliefs and finding your way back to yourself.


This transformation that you will experience will stick with you afterwards, as Sarah teaches you skills that will serve you long after your time with her. Sarah will bring her full self to your work, she will be her authentic self and will inspire you to rise. Working with Sarah is worth the financial investment in yourself!"


"Sarah is passionate. She is engaged. She is both rational and intuitive....And she helped me and us in a big way. I have grown more in this program than I really thought possible. I am grateful for the experience. If you can handle being called on your own stuff, and you want to grow as person, then I would encourage anyone to explore working with her. It might just change your life."


"Professionally, I am a personal development coach and I work primarily with coaches to build their own brands. I know what to look for and how to look at someone’s “offering” with a critical eye. I recognize the real deal when I see it and Sarah is the real deal. The work is structured, researched, validated and effective and her skill set is exactly (if not better) than she presents it to be. Personally, I experienced Sarah as a unique, compassionate, powerful and gifted woman. In one hour we were able to unpack, unwind and release a very specific energy block in my system that had plaguing me for a very long time.

She’s thorough in her approach and knows how to access energy through a variety of different methods and then how sequence the medicine for optimum delivery and integration to the client. I felt incredibly safe, completely contained and held inside of the work. Everything was explained perfectly and performed with a level of embodied integrity that is rare. I recommend her wholeheartedly, without reservation and I do do with both the weight of my professional expertise and personal experience."

Have Questions?

If you like my message but need guidance in choosing which program option or private mentorship is right for you on your unique journey, it is my goal to meet you supportively exactly where you are.


Schedule a 15 minute consultation today to discuss.


Every resource on this website is in service to the conscious evolution your truest self and the profound potential of your connection to others. When you truly wish to step into authentic alignment with who you are and who you came to be, schedule a consultation.


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