A soul journey

to claim your deepest  truths

Are you ready to stand in the full truth of who you are?

As Women,

we were conditioned to believe that:

  • Women were sinful

  • Intuition was wrong

  • Women’s voices aren’t wise

What is Sacred Truth?

For thousands of years, the truths that live inside of women have been silenced. 

A 4-Month Sacred Journey

Sacred Remembering

The New Sacred Feminine

  • Clear victim/victimizer & sexual misery programs from the patriarchy that have kept you stuck. 

Soul Alchemy

Month 3: Soul Alchemy

Sovereignty As Truth

This group helps me share my most vulnerable and deepest shares. It gives me a place, outside of therapy, where I can do deep personal work and feel supported by a circle of true sisters.



I feel like I have been able to experience some of the most rapid growth and expansion in my life while participating in this Mastermind. And it feels good! This is my first experience working with a women’s group like this and I can see how important and helpful it is for me to know there is a support network of like minded women who are moving toward the same thing. It helps keep me focused, inspired, and motivated to be part of their journey as well.” - SW

What's Included in the

3+ Live Calls Per Month

Transformative Group Alchemy

A Safe Space & Solid Container

Lifetime Access to All Materials

Enjoy access for life to all teachings, recordings, meditations, and materials organized, accessible anywhere + on any device.

Private Community

Supportive Practices


My sacred truth was not as deeply hidden as I anticipated. The energy of the women in the group along with Sarah’s wise guidance have been such an inspiration & so honoring. 


You, Sarah Poet are my favorite part. Your eloquent speech & teaching ways have been the impetus. You are divinely guided & I feel that.


Meet your Facilitator

Whether you are just beginning your journey or are at a point of taking a leap, I’d love to connect with you.


I love supporting you doing the deep-dive work, stepping into your life purpose, or taking the reins on your own life.


Women everywhere are waking up to the story of inadequacy and separation that I have lived for sure - through the adoption of my first child and all of the internal beliefs that always held me back. And, I have lived and continue to live the reclamation. It is a sincere and arduous journey. But it is a worthy one.


Many will not choose it. For your own soul and fulfillment, I hope that you will.


I am here to serve YOU from the connected space of the heart, and to respond to the needs of each of my clients and the world beyond. I believe we come here to live the stories of our lives so that we can then heal and be of service.


This Sacred Truth MasterMind is my offering to you.

"I am here to tell you that if you bring your full self to this deep work, you will absolutely be transformed. She will meet you wherever you are and help you reconnect to your true self. She will challenge you, hold safe space for you, and be with you as you grapple with your own limiting beliefs and finding your way back to yourself.


This transformation that you will experience will stick with you afterwards, as Sarah teaches you skills that will serve you long after your time with her. Sarah will bring her full self to your work, she will be her authentic self and will inspire you to rise. Working with Sarah is worth the financial investment in yourself!"