Ebook For Women

Sacred Remembering

Ebook For Women

Who is this eBook for?

Women, ask yourself. Are you…

  • Staying silent in a significant area of your life?

  • Feeling a low-level (or high-level) dissatisfaction with your current circumstances?

  • Staying in a situation because you fear what will happen if you leave? 

  • Keeping yourself & your Truth to yourself so as not to rock anyone else’s boat?

  • Feeling pulled to a different life, but you don’t take action because you don’t know how in the world you’d ever get there?

  • Feeling a strong discord between a version of yourself you used to be and who you are now, and you long for what life could be like if you aligned more with your true essence?

These realizations are invitations. To heal and to remember. By simply acknowledging these truths, you have sent yourself the invitation, to rise above and to go through. This ebook was designed to gently guide you on this path.

What's Inside?

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Sacred Remembering

Sacred Remembering is the path of remembering the truth of who you are. Welcome.

Chapter 2: You Sent the Invitation

Staying silent about something that matters, lingering stuck-ness, dissatisfaction with life, and fear to move forward in alignment with who you are.

Chapter 3: What Is Required of You

Would you believe that you are the sacred? You are what you’ve been looking for. You must be willing to fall in love with you!

Chapter 4: Real Talk About What We’re Taught to Believe

Whether you follow outer or inner authority will make all the difference in your world!

Chapter 5: What You Know That You Don’t Know You Know

We can’t control the sacred, and oh, as modern women, do we ever try! Instead you must allow it to arise.

Chapter 6: That Sacred Moment & The Fear That Comes With It

A path of Sacred Remembering will require your courage.

Chapter 7: Beginning Practices of This Lifestyle

You can begin now to create the sacred pause, set up sacred space, and honor sacred listening.

I found the Sacred Remembering ebook to be so helpful and wow, did I manifest quickly using it; simple & potent. This ebook was an answer to my prayers to help me really align more into my calling and into more of who I am.



Sacred Remembering

eBook For Women




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