Lets' Innovate What Is Possible In

Gender Equity & Leadership


Lets' Innovate What Is Possible In

Gender Equity & Leadership


Sound Familiar?

First scenario: A female employee thinks she’s advocating for herself in an appropriate way, and in a post #metoo era, her male boss feels threatened. HR is brought in, and it’s decided that it’s best to pay her a severance package to have her move on. No resolution is brought to the relationship and the workplace still has an underlying gender-related issue no one wants to talk about. Or, no one knows how to talk about it. 


Another scenario: A male employee is joking with a female employee. They’ve had a positive work relationship for quite some time and he would call them friends. Seemingly out of nowhere, she begins to take offense to what he thought was innocent, non-sexual, and mutual cordiality. She goes to HR, feeling he’d crossed a line, and he’s sent home without pay. They never talk about it. The relationship is ruined and work relations are tense after that. 


Gender & the Workplace: These words together often cause more trepidation than ease. It can be very tricky to navigate the modern nuances of gender given the tools we’ve been given over the last few decades. 

But what if this didn’t have to be the case? What if we could safely talk about and address the nuanced issues of gender equity in the workplace as a first-step intervention - before HR action, before termination & turnover, before expensive litigation? What if we could innovate and build connection while moving beyond old stereotypes?


There is. You’ve come to the right place.

Three Tiers of

Gender Equity Services

 TIER #1 

Professional Development



For your entire staff or leadership team


Custom-built & delivered to meet your needs

 TIER #2 




Third-party, confidential mediations regarding gender issues in your organization


I help mitigate the need for termination, HR & legal action in relational discord regarding gender

 TIER #3 

Executive Coaching



Executive Coaching in a #metoo era


Ask me anything, improve your leadership, reach your potential

Gender Equity and Leadership Training

My Gender Equity & Leadership training options, mediation, and executive coaching can save your organization turnover and dispute, and actually raise the quality of overall interaction AND comfort with the tricky topic of gender. 


The training and experiences that I offer are also different in that we explore bias in both directions, as the recent trend has been a female-based evaluation of men. This training will not fault any one party, and will look at how everyone is affected by gender bias, though potentially differently. 


I will diffuse tension, create opportunities for authentic relating, and introduce cutting edge information related to gender equality. Much of what we assume about gender is mis-information. When you are ready to innovate how you look at gender equity and the workplace, my trainings are for you. 


I work with Human Resources Representatives and Organizational Leaders who want to build employee relations and effectiveness, in gender equitable organizations, in order to foster employee retention, trust, leadership and innovation, and to decrease HR claims and litigation costs. 

My interventions are different for three main reasons:

  • We will collaboratively look at values first.

  • We will question stereotypes & status quo.

  • We are going to create a safer environment for everyone involved. 

This is NOT your average HR training.

Together, we will

  • Break down & dispel gender stereotypes that affect the workplace.

  • Look at societal assumptions and get comfortable questioning them.

  • Replace the traditional concept of gender altogether to look at the strengths of all.

  • Increase compassion in the workplace.

  • Look at how emotionality & reactivity related to past incidences impacts present work situations, leading to more gender disputes. 

  • Learn how to bring mindfulness practices to work for increased personal self-regulation.

  • Increase employee effectiveness, peace of mind, and ease. 

  • Decrease the number of gender-related HR claims. 

Three Professional Development Options

Three tiers of Gender Equity & Leadership Workshops are available.  They build on one another & a one-hour planning consultation with either the HR representative or organizational leader is included in workshop fees. You may request that I customize workshops according to your organizations needs.

Workshop Option #1

90-120 Minute Interactive


Dispelling gender stereotypes in the workplace, gender bridge building, a new way to see beyond gender in the workplace.

Workshop Option #2

Half Day Interactive

Workshop: 3-4 Hours

Tier 1 + A deeper dive into the development of an equitable leadership model in the workplace.


Workshop Option #3

Full Day Interactive

Workshop: 6 Hours

Tiers 1 & 2 + Relationship building, employee connectivity and compassion, & mindfulness skill building for non-reactivity.

Have Questions?

If you like my message but need guidance in choosing which program option or private mentorship is right for you on your unique journey, it is my goal to meet you supportively exactly where you are.


Schedule a 15 minute consultation today to discuss.