Coach, Mentor,

Energy Healer

& Friend

For Women

I’ve got you. Tell me what you need.



Coach, Mentor,

Energy Healer

& Friend

for Women

I’ve got you. Tell me what you need.


The revolution is happening

and the revolution is you.

When a woman knows that there is more, she is absolutely right. 


And what she finds when she begins to quest for her own truth is that there is so much more capacity, clarity, beauty, strength, wisdom, and depth than she was previously giving herself credit for. 


Or more than the world ever gave her credit for. 


But now, she's ready to claim her life. 

When you are ready for that,

that's when I  support you. 



We meet in sessions weekly for 3 weeks, then take one week to integrate. Then we repeat. 


We open a process; a relationship. I've got you. During our time together, we dive deep, and you're safe to do so. 


In session, you bring what is on your mind and heart. 

We trust that we are going to meet something real and sacred in that space that needs to happen. 

If that is talking and coaching, or strategizing, or a supportive energy session - we will know. I will know. I humbly assure you - I'm very good at my work. 


We trust it. If you need to read the testimonials page, you can do that for assuredness.

But feel your "yes/no" in your body when I ask you, "Is it time to own the next-level truth of who you are?" 


Look at the options below. You may honestly feel a nervousness or hesitation, but you can still know that it's a "yes." The nervousness is normal when your life is about to change! This is powerful, but so are you! 


I have been working on all that Sarah helped me discover and all that she showed me and today I am the happiest I have ever been. If you are ready to change your life for the better, if you are ready to put the past behind you, if you are ready to connect with your ancestors and break harmful cycles, if you are ready to finally be happy and live the life you have always wanted: Reach out to Sarah now.

Carolina Peredez

Master Life, Nutrition & Fitness Coach

Two ways we can approach working together privately...

Depending on your preference. 

Both are powerfully effective.

"I prefer structure." 

If you are someone who prefers a lot of structure and wants to see a "plan," I have four options for you below. I was a teacher, after all, and plans are no problem.


I am always going to meet your present-moment needs, but I know that some find having specific options of what to expect to be very helpful. 


Details in the PDFs below. All: $4400


"I prefer flow." 

If you are someone who wants to approach a private mentorship with me and you want to flow with the process, that's great too.


I am going to hold space for you and I completely trust my ability to meet you intuitively, energetically, & in the present moment. We meet weekly, and I partner with you for the duration of this close coaching/healing relationship.


Cost options: 

4 Months/12 sessions: $4400

6 Months/18 sessions: $6600

Start your

life-changing process

Unleash Your Inner Truth

You are ready to end your own silence and genuinely step into your authenticity. You are ready to heal your nervous system and your default to the mental mind that denies emotional and intuitive truths. You want to know & unleash the whole of your inner truth.

Structure And Flow™ Private Mentorship

A time & energy recalibration system for women that also helps you to balance feminine & masculine energies within. Increase your energetic & financial sovereignty with this 90 Day Program & Planner.


Ignite Your Sacred Feminine Frequency

You have been on a path of reclaiming your sacred feminine, and now you are ready to add the magic. You are ready to evoke the deep truth that you are a sacred and powerful being. It is my deepest desire to watch you activate the Sacred nature of who you truly are. 

Live Your Sacred Union Architecture

In your living commitment to move beyond limitation and trauma, and in your natural devotion to be who you are and live in Union, you will now activate your Christic-Sophianic template of Truth as a conscious being on this planet.


Supporting Your Journey 

Toward Wholeness 

It's incredible what we find together.

"Sarah interweaves energy work throughout her coaching sessions in a way that aligned well with my particular needs in that moment and was deeply healing. She helped me navigate the emotional and physical felt sense of my energetic system. The experience was gentle yet powerful and never felt invasive. The healing continued well past the time of each session as my heart, mind, and body shifted toward wholeness once the process was initiated in session. I would recommend Sarah's energy work to anyone, particularly those who are sensitive to other people's energy.” - CH

Here are the some beautiful notesfrom my clients.

“You, Sarah, are a prophet. From the moment I first heard your story I've thought you are the sort of woman I would want to be more like, that you embody a certain integrity and fierceness and curiosity. I really love listening to you talk. I used to be intimidated by you, to be honest :) But I felt welcome and safe in this container you created,  and I really appreciated that and needed that. I needed a safe space to talk about resources and men and spirituality. Thank you.”


“Through this work, I finally started to take action to help reduce my own personal debt. I recognize that this is essential toward my liberation around money and freeing myself up energetically for more abundance. I really appreciate that Sarah helped me to cultivate more conscious practices around this without shame.”


“I am choosing to live my life in new earth consciousness, and to connect first and foremost to my truth. I am excited to be in my power and spread my love and joy to the world.”


Have Questions?

If you like my message but need guidance in choosing which program option or private mentorship is right for you on your unique journey, it is my goal to meet you supportively exactly where you are.


Schedule a 15 minute consultation today to discuss.


Every resource on this website is in service to the conscious evolution your truest self and the profound potential of your connection to others. When you truly wish to step into authentic alignment with who you are and who you came to be, schedule a consultation.


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