From Silence 


Empowering Women's Voices


From Silence 


Empowering Women's Voices


Do you have a truth you are not yet living?

I believe that all women have a Sacred Truth deep inside that they are keeping from the world, or even denying to themselves.


It is time for us, as a collective, to begin moving from silence to embodied authenticity. From smallness and shame, to sovereignty.


That’s why I designed this video course to walk you through an embodied, trauma-informed, empowering way to move from silence to living your Sacred Truth.

This is an interactive & experiential course, designed for you to not just listen to the videos, but to deeply engage with the homeplay. One chapter, and one truth at a time, I will help light the way as you walk home to yourself.


This is, perhaps, one of the bravest journeys you can ever undertake. But at the end, you will be more bold, more “truthy,” and living in a way that honors the Sacred Truth within you.

Who is  this course for?

Are you one of these women?

  • You’re scared to tell your partner what you really need

  • You fear speaking up to your boss or other authority figures

  • You’ve been conditioned to trust other’s truths over your own

  • You’ve been continually silenced by men and/or shame



This course is here to support you if you're ready to...

  • Offer your perspective without hesitation, when others ask for it, or even when they don’t

  • Be heard, not by raising your voice, but through the power emanating from behind your words & your body

  • No longer shrink back, but instead feel comfortable taking up space & being heard

  • Stop wasting energy where your Truth is not going to be valued

  • Stand in an embodied & empowered place

  • Engage for transformation

If you are feeling a hell yes rise up in your body as you read this, I invite you to join me inside. We begin today by owning one Sacred Truth at a time.

Course Overview

Chapter 1: Truths & Silence

What makes a truth a truth?
Where are you staying silent?

Chapter 2: Mindfulness of Breath & Body

How to Breathe

Expansion & Contraction


The Sacred Pause

Chapter 3: Fear vs Truth

Why Trauma Keeps Us Silent


Quick Pace & Your Truth

Chapter 4: The Truth Arises

Control vs. Arising

Sacred Pause Revisited

The Truth Arises

Chapter 5: Trusting What

You Hear

Trust Yourself & the Unfolding

Chapter 6: The Truth of The Moment

You get to have it.


Chapter 7: To Share or Not To Share

To Share or Not to Share

Take Care of Yourself Before Speaking a Truth

The Power in our Response

Bonus Videos & Guided Meditations

Includes two introductory videos on how to engage with this course.

Plus three bonus guided meditations recorded specifically to use with the homeplay.

Journal Prompts & Integration Practices

Homeplay exercises & journal questions incorporated into each chapter to support your journe

Meet your Guide

Hi, I’m Sarah.


As a creator, trauma-informed coach, speaker, space holder, mindfulness teacher, modern healer, and truth teller, it is my absolute passion & honor to help you to step into your authentic truth.


I'll see you inside.

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One time

20 Videos

3 Guided Meditations, Exclusive to this Course

Supportive Homeplay Practices & Journal Prompts

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3 monthly payments

20 Videos

3 Guided Meditations, Exclusive to this Course

Supportive Homeplay Practices & Journal Prompts


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