Foundation of

Conscious Relationships

An 8-Week Self-Paced E-Coaching Course for Couples Looking to Evolve.

Foundation of

Conscious Relationships

An 8-Week Coaching Program and eCourse for Couples Looking to Evolve.

The secret to intimacy is not better communication. It’s presence.

And everyone can do it.

Get the same foundational couples coaching methodologies I’ve used with life-altering results in my private practice—


Online, affordable & self-paced in this 8 week online coaching course.

life-Changing Results 

“The most effective thing we have done to help our relationship.”

“This process was very different from any talk therapy we tried, which had not been effective for us. The coaching she does has been the MOST effective thing we have done to find help in getting through the looping patterns occurring in our relationship. 


Her coaching is trauma and archetype informed. Until we worked with Sarah, my husband and I really didn’t realize how much past traumas and archetype patterns were playing out in our dynamics and hindering us from moving forward.” 

—Couples Coaching Client

I want YOU to experience

Deep Intimacy.

Stop letting your old trauma impact
your present-moment connection.


Are Ready to Stop...

  • Communicating from a place of shadow & trauma, i.e. shaming, blaming, and projecting

  • Having the same unproductive fights over & over

  • Stagnating, disconnecting, and clinging to judgements and resentments

  • Feel a fear in the vulnerability of what it seems to require to have a deeper connection

& Eager to Begin...

  • Communicating consciously & safely, even your challenging truths and notices

  • Experiencing productive conflict with resolution

  • Consciously co-evolving together, reaching deeper levels of intimacy and trust than ever before

  • Realizing that deeper connection is yours, here & now, and you don’t have to be a sex super-star to access profound intimacy

This program is also ideal for *new couples* desiring the tools to help them go the distance with grace & ease.

What's Included in The Program?

29 Coaching Videos

Weekly Coaching Videos with Sarah Poet

Couples Homeplay

Couples Homeplay Exercises to take you Deeper


Guided Meditations

Supportive Resources

Including my Couples Co-Regulation Ebook

Sweet notes from happy clients

“Made a world of difference in our relationship”

We’ve learned new things that are so important to us now that have made a world of difference in our relationship—like being able to dissect and identify pieces of an argument and make them harmless. Cutting through the emotion to see the true need.”

—Couples Coaching Client

8-Weeks of Accelerated Growth & Healing

A Safe, Structured Container For Your Co-Evolution

What is Conscious Relating

Week 1: What is Conscious Relating?

  • Uncover the messages in your relationship patterns 

  • Come into an understanding of the road ahead

  • Initiate greater physical, emotional, mental & spiritual self care

Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation

Week 2: Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation

  • Become conscious of your own breath & depth of experience

  • Noticing as a skill and the neutrality of labeling without attachment 

  • Learn to observe & name sensations in the body as a method of communication with your partner

Everyone Own Experience

Week 3: Everyone Gets to Have their Own Experience

  • Find greater ease and respect in your partner’s experience

  • Learn what your relationship is reflecting to you 

  • Anchor in a state of curiosity & non-judgment


Week 4: Co-Regulation

  • Increase safety & connection by learning how to attune to one another

  • Instead of analysis, learn to co-regulate and come back to connection in the face of turbulent emotions

  • Includes a copy of my Couples Co-Regulation Ebook with tried and true practices for conscious connection


Week 5: Integration

  • A week to catch up and more deeply integrate the practices

  • Celebrate how far you’ve come already!

Conscious Communication

Week 6: Conscious Communication

  • Now elevate your communication with the proper foundations in place

  • Communicate difficult notices with ease and free of reactivity 

Healing Together

Week 7: Healing Together

  • Compassion & seeing through love

  • Lay down your grudges

  • How to presence with touch

Your Evolutionary, Conscious Relationship

Week 8: Your Evolutionary, Conscious Relationship

  • Unlock the next steps in your heart-centered Union

  • You’re on your way to Sacred Partnership 

Another Success Story 

“After Years Of Struggling, We Finally Feel Excited About The Kind Of Connection That We Can Create.”

“Sarah helped us uncover the unconscious dynamics in our relationship that were blocking our desire for connection and intimacy. She deepened our understanding of how trauma impacts relationships, and provided plenty of ways to halt our automatic responses and communicate with love and warmth instead.

We both now feel far more aware of, and equipped to work through, unconscious reactions and patterns, in a kind and tender way towards each other, and ourselves.

After years of struggling without a map, we felt resourced and excited about the kind of connection that we can continue to create.”

—Couples Coaching Client

Meet your Guide

Hello, I’m Sarah Poet & I am passionate about helping couples to move through trauma to greater connection.


I love teaching couples how to bring mindfulness & presence techniques to everyday relating so that you can move beyond tension, disconnect, and stagnation and experience drastic benefits to your union.


So often, I hear people say that they have a communication problem. I am going to challenge that. First and foremost, you don’t have a communication problem.


You have a relating problem, and the good news is, it can be safe to address this and be vulnerable with one another again.

I believe in Evolutionary, Conscious love. I teach the foundations of this kind of love here in this program.


Using this program is the foundation to my private couple's coaching & can also stand on its own as an investment you make in the long-term improvement of your relationship.


Book a consultation if you have any questions.


To your union!



From Separation to True Connection. 

“We Fought Daily—Now We’re Learning A Whole New Way To Connect & Communicate”

“We were heading down a road of possible divorce. Our communication didn’t exist. We fought daily. Now we are each more mindful of the other person, learning a whole new way to communicate and connect with each other.”

—Couples Coaching Client

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29 Coaching Videos

Couples Homeplay


Supportive Resources

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29 Coaching Videos

Couples Homeplay


Supportive Resources

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Give your relationship the gift of impact. 

“The Most Beneficial And Rewarding Thing I've Ever Done.”

Working with Sarah is not easy. In fact it's the hardest thing I've ever done. But it's also the most beneficial and rewarding thing I've ever done. Do it.

—Coaching Client

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