Fall in Love

Fall in Love

with the King

Heal your relationship

to all things masculine.

An alchemical mystery school
for womxn w/ Sarah Poet

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Do you want a life of Union?

You have been reclaiming you relationship to the sacred feminine, and raising the feminine to stand beside a masculine. But you still find yourself asking: 

  • How do I heal my masculine-related trauma and truly move beyond my perpetually stuck places with men? 

  • What is the Sacred Masculine? Is it in men? How do I access it?  

  • Am I supposed to surrender to the masculine & it provide for me? How do I truly come to know provision? How do I truly trust? 

  • What about all the things the church told me of a male God that felt unsafe? I still can't quite get right with that. 

  • What about the secret fear still in my body in relation to men? How do I actually transform that? Do I have to just deal with this trauma? (No.)

  • What if men never “get it” and can not meet me as I continue to evolve?  Will I have to leave my relationship? Will I have to settle? 

I’m talking - heart-opening, feminine-graced, uplifting, trusting, safe, cosmic, fully-healed - LOVE!

A love for the masculine. From a healed and open heart. No grudges. No emotional laboring. Just love, and your freedom to love. 


Just imagine this transformation! 


I know it feels like a lot to ask or expect of yourself, given all we've experienced as women in a patriarchy, and yet, I know that women are yearning to heal their relationship with the masculine. It affects EVERYTHING! From love relationships to self advocacy to wealth creation, trust, and life satisfaction. 


I know you want to be free of your pain associated with all things masculine, and actually open your heart to the masculine - without getting hurt again.


And, I know you are a conscious woman who ultimately wants men & women to rise together, because you know that we've all endured enough separation. 


So you need to heal. Fully. Once and for all in this lifetime. You need to reconcile with the masculine consciousness itself. And you can. Here, you will. 


As in all of my deep, soulful women’s group containers, in this space, we are doing true transformational work, with energetic transmissions and a soul journey. We are digging deep to heal thoroughly. That's how I roll. (See testimonials below.) 


We are looking where women’s groups typically do not look, and we are going beyond reclaiming just the feminine, expecting the masculine to just show up. We are going, here, deeply into our relationship with the masculine. 


Because it is time. 

A woman without a healthy, integrated masculine will 

  • Continue to hold man-related trauma in her body

  • Continue to desire a provision she energetically blocks herself from

  • Continue to either over-work to earn money (hypermasculine) or deflate and wait for a savior (hyperfeminine)

  • Desire to be met in love but be unable to attract a man who can truly hold her essence.

  • Feel overwhelmed around men and try to manage the behavior of men, pushing men away or attracting men who want a mommy. 

  • Continue to be angry at men.

  • Continue to tell stories of oppression meanwhile desiring liberation. 

This program will move you beyond all of the above and into a template of Union in the Heart.


  • In this 6 month journey, we will look at the masculine essence inside ourselves, in men, & in God / Creation. 

  • You will unearth the sources of what keeps you stuck and angry regarding the masculine and you will transcend. 

  • You will look honestly at how you have been unmet in your desire, and to come into an energetic that can hold your desire. 

  • And you will get free of patriarchal wounding. You will live into a new sovereign energetic of the feminine that loves, honors, & integrates the masculine. 

whether or not you can do this HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MEN.

Women need to stop policing men, stop blaming men (or patriarchy), and stop looking to men to be the source of the solution. This actually keeps YOU trapped in suffering.

You need to transmute your masculine-related trauma in order to come into this new potential of feminine - a highly attuned, feminine oracular being who has dissolved the messages of "less than" put on women.


You can not be both collapsed in trauma and architecturally sound to bring in these new frequencies. I will guide you through this transmutation - from traumatized, angry, disgruntled, and avoidant of the masculine - to lovingly embracing all things masculine, because it no longer determines your worth, status, security, or prosperity.


You can Fall in Love with the King and experience *everything* you have always wanted to experience from Father, Lover, God. (curriculum below)

Six months.

Massive Transformation.

Your feminine energy, collapsed from so many years of patriarchal oppression and masculine-related trauma, simply must heal - for yourself and for the return of true love & union on the planet.


I will teach you to do this differently than anywhere else you have seen. We will go deep. And you will free your heart and heal.

From this program, you will

  • Dissolve your protective layers re: men & masculine that have impacted your *entire* life. 

  • Become joyfully responsible for your own energy, including financial sovereignty, which feels damn good.

  • Stop looking to be rescued! Stop getting yourself into relationship trouble where you hope they will be one thing and it turns out to be something else. 

  • Learn to “teach” men how to rise into what you need without control or lowering yourself to be something you are not. I will teach you Priestess arts. 

  • Learn to exercise your discernment, truth, and choice in all matters. Stop giving your power away. 

  • Dissolve victimhood and rise into sovereignty. 

  • Listen to the truth of your body and honor it like never before. 

  • Heal your trauma related to man & religion (the idea of a male God.)

  • Understand and experience true feminine & masculine Union within, in an uplifted energetic. This is the foundation for authentic Hieros Gamos. 

  • Dismantle the holds of the Tyrant / aggressor on you and erect the True King

  • Come into right relationship with your energetics around work and hustle, learning to attract & create in feminine / masculine harmony. 

  • Fall in love with the King. Heart opening, authentic, never-going-back LOVE! 

What happens in a deep-dive soul container with me? Here are some sweet notesfrom previous clients.

Sarah's group container provided the support and non-judge mental community I needed to presence with me in my process of healing and reconciliation of my inner feminine and masculine relationship. I had no idea the magnitude those internal shifts would make in my outer world particularly in relationships. It repositioned me to be able to receive and interact with greater integrity. This alignment, healing, reconciliation, and freedom in my inner and outer worlds emerged in a way I could not have imagined. I am eternally grateful.



J.E., Therapist

I have always had a strong "masculine" take on life - list-making, task-completing, lots of structure, the ability to "turn off" emotions, a "take charge" mindset; what I didn't realize is that those things in my life were running the show from a place of trauma, rather than from a healthy inner masculine architecture. Through Sarah's knowledge, energy healing work, and reflection within a sacred container, I have been able to see the shadows and to sit with them and to learn from them. This process has progressively strengthened that masculine architecture in a way that allows my feminine softness to feel safe enough to emerge again. These experiences have helped me to remember what was within me all along.

S.R., Accountant

frequently Asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Why is this a six month program? Couldn’t we do this in less time?

I am not about quick fixes. I am about deep dives. And this program, as all of my offerings do, came from a divine nudge - from the King “him”self. It came on quickly, and I questioned it too. “Does this really have to be six months? Wow! I wasn’t planning to offer a six month program right now!” And the answer was “Yes. Six months.” And after still trying to fit the curriculum into four months, I quickly surrendered to the King’s instructions and realized that yes, indeed, it is a six month process. We can trust it, because we can trust the King.

What is the King? What if that language doesn’t resonate with me? I hear you say “God” but I don’t really even like using that word.

I have so much man-related trauma and anger. Are you sure I can do this?

Will this help me in my relationships with men?

One thousand percent. We women are actually exercising a lot of cultural distortions about what masculinity is. To be a woman with a healed and open heart toward masculinity will change your relationships with men drastically. Also, I will teach you how to Priestess (v.) your relationships with men to actually elevate them. A traumatized and greedy woman will not be able to do this well, and so I am speaking to women of integrity. You aren’t manipulating him, but your energetic changes will absolutely elevate your relationship (or change it altogether.)

Program Arc


Do you have fear related to how you will earn or how a man will show up for you? Very few programs on feminine & masculine will actually acknowledge the trauma and hesitation that lives in you regarding the masculine. Women in a patriarchal society have masculine-related trauma, and you need to know how to be with this in order to clear it, be in successful partnership, receive provision without depletion, and more. Therefore, we enter month 1 in the safety of the body, in the safety of presence, in relation to all things masculine. Familiarize yourself with the masculine archetypes. Set true intentions for the end of the false, tyrant king’s depletion strategy on the feminine.


The Masculine Within

Do you often want something from a man that you are not willing to look at yourself? Discover & cultivate the healthy masculine within you. Heal your masculine shell. Come into right relationship with your own resources (if you ever expect a man to). Correct distortions around wanting an energy from a man that you are not willing to build yourself. Heal your “masculine shell” - where you are overworking and under-thriving - that protects you from authentic relating with men and masculine. Honor structures & systems - the architecture of the masculine.


Masculine as Father

And now into the soul realms while we dive deep into the concept of Masculine as father - human & divine father. In a culture where God is portrayed as masculine/man only, women must come into right relationship with God the Father in order to truly know the King frequency. Religious trauma is real and is a tremendous block for many women. Clear distortions & false imprints related to “father” concepts that keep you very separate from experiencing the Holy Father. Raise the divine King as true Holy Father, where your devotion is no longer a self-sacrifice. Trust divine provision - the Providence of the King.


Masculine as Provider

& Partner

After thousands of years of being told that a woman has to be “less than” in order to receive what she needs from the masculine, we are not raising our own inner feminine in Union with the Divine King and exploring provision. Victim consciousness must be transmuted. Women have believed for a long time that they need to be energetically less than the masculine in order for it to be safe to secure her needs, which is the opposite of true in the world we are building. That was previously in relationship to the false, tyrant king that is in power-over domination. Here, you will understand the energetics and practicalities of how to truly stand in Holy Union with Source Energy as King. Trust Mother Father God as provider & return to the full power of your inner feminine in union with the King.


You wouldn’t expect a sacred relationship without spending deep time together, would you? Now it is time to purge yourself of all energetic entanglements and habits related to the human masculine and practice energetic sovereignty without projection. Women are truly very often caught up in the analysis of men and projecting their fears onto men. We have now spent time transmuting those fears and projections and we will be consciously attuning to our own inner dialogue about the masculine during a “break” from male (human) energy. (You’ll do this as much as is practical for your current situation.) Stop defaulting to energetic depletion & your own projections. Stand in integrity with men and the masculine. Create space and allow the King to truly take up residence in you. Develop your own Sacred Relationship to King energy.


Masculine as Lover

Now you will Fall in Love with the King! You are raising your inner King to match your inner Queen. The Queen must clear lower-dimensional and previous trauma timeline contracts with outdated concepts of the masculine and truly, at this time and in this space, you are calling to a new energetic of the masculine on the planet! You are remembering HIM in your exploration here. I will teach you Priestess Arts in how the true Solar Feminine responds to and activates the masculine. Once it is in you, you will activate it in your life. You will actually encode men you meet on your path from this point forward and your heart will be pure - no longer fearing that you will lose in the face of the masculine (man / provision / God.) You are welcoming Holy Union within you - and here, we will experience a sacred activation of true Hieros Gamos. Beyond all previous doubt, beyond all circumstance, in your heart of hearts, you will fall in love with the King and your life will be forever changed.

Curious about my work?

“When I met Sarah, I was in a state of Covid-induced deep unraveling after having started my feminine reclamation journey the previous year. My nervous system was fragile and my relationship with the divine masculine, my inner masculine, and men in general was collapsed. Sarah was a godsend - helping me re-regulate my nervous system, construct better energetic boundaries and find my energetic sovereignty, begin to heal my relationship with God, and rebuild my inner masculine. She did all this while walking beside me like a true friend and mentor, celebrating my growth with me and helping me gradually see the light at the end of a very, very long tunnel. I feel so much gratitude for the opportunity to work with her.”​- CH

Fall in Love

Heal your relationship to all things masculine.

Be notified when this unique program opens

again for enrollment in 2022.

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