Sarah Poet


Sarah Poet

Sarah Poet is the host of the Sacred Remembering Podcast for modern women waking up to the truth of who they are. She is also the creator of Embodied Breath, a practice bridging feminine & masculine, conscious embodiment, union, activism, and a deep respect for the Great Mystery that is this life. 

Hello new friend.

I believe in transparency & integrity to build authentic relationships. For that reason, I share my stories. 

After I lost her, I shut down my embodiment, my sexuality, my femininity, and I hustled to succeed. The message I believed was, "You weren't worthy of that baby, you shameful woman, and so now you have to go make something of yourself." 


So I got one degree and then a Master's, worked hard, and gave birth to another beautiful baby boy in 2009. In the first two years of my child's life - I did it all. I breastfed and worked, I sewed beautiful heirloom quilts and I got a second Master's. I believed I was responsible for the family's income because I felt I had to do it all myself. 


I started to get sick with adrenal fatigue and hormone disruption during this time - because clearly I was doing way too much. My body had been taxed for quite some time, and little did I know the extent of the trauma it was actually carrying. 

I had my "Sacred Remembering" moment (the "Oh, I left something of myself back there!" moment) when my son was a toddler. We were outside in the woods, I couldn't put my finger on why I felt unfulfilled even though I "should" have been happy, and I remembered my soul in that moment. And I committed to finding that soul truth again. 


Working as a school principal, always in holistic education, I remembered, "Oh, there's this thing called the feminine and masculine, and it doesn't feel like my feminine is honored, and it feels like the world wants me to always be in my masculine." And so I started reading all I could about the archetypes - Marion Woodman and Carl Jung among others - and I started to see how this was the root of my imbalance. 


In fact, society's imbalance. This walk of  feminine/masculine integration became my way of living, and still is, for nearly a decade now.


In education, my former career, I always innovated. I brought gardens to at-risk students and intuited the social-emotional needs of my students before that kind of education was really talked about. In Special Education, I connected with the heart and soul of students who often identified with the labels they'd been given. I designed curriculum to include character and investigative topics like gender and the distribution of resources. I studied mindfulness and was fortunate to train with some international leaders in both mindfulness education and trauma-informed care. 


And then, as I walked through my own divorce, knowing enough at this point about trauma and somatics, I found a Godsend of a Hakomi trauma therapist. I worked with Anne every week that first year, faithful and committed, diving into things I'd always pushed aside in order to "be okay," and Anne would go to all the places with me. Being a natural deep diver, I wanted to know the "why" of how I felt.  I knew I'd had sexual trauma and I knew I was afraid to speak up, among other things. Now, I was committed to healing. Why was I so scared in heavily-populated areas? Why did my bladder never think it was safe? Why was I absolutely terrified of the thought of a man touching me after this fourteen-year co-dependent relationship I'd been in? I wanted to know my abuse history, and I wanted to solve the mysteries. (The answers continue to unfold, because the Mystery is great.) 


The basis of the trauma-therapy as the foundation for my awakening mystical life was extremely important, and why I run a trauma-informed practice, even though I am a mystic. We must transmute the trauma into the essence of who we truly are, and we can. I have lived this. 

I never stopped various somatic/trauma therapies, and I have experienced thousands and thousands of hours of trauma healing, energy healing, energy training, spiritual attunement, communing with the Mystery, and integrating masculine and feminine, and so much more. This all became a way of life as I walked back to myself, realizing that the very things that "happened" to me, leading to the very things I had studied and trained in, were all a part of my mystical soul's journey - and gift - in this lifetime. 


With this background, I believe in a healthy combination of practicality and magic. We are multidimensional beings - which means that we live in this physical world and we are also greater than this physical world. 


In 2017, just eight months into opening a school, I heard my soul say to me, "Okay, Sarah, now you will open a business and call it Embodied Breath." I formed the LLC, and in 2018, left the field of education to go on another deep soul journey of entrepreneuriship. Creating a Sacred Business has been quite a journey, and everything you see here on this website as offerings are, I promise you, a part of the gift and evolution of a very sacred offering - Embodied Breath. 


Embodied Breath, I have realized in the years since being given this name, is about the convergence of spirit and matter - the way I needed to transmute trauma in the cells and allow in the breath of life. Embodied Breath is about the convergence of feminine (matter) and masculine (spirit). It is many things. 


We are living in a time of transition into Unity Consciousness, and I offer you the stories of my life to illustrate that this is what it looks like. It looks like honoring the Sacred Remembering path, doing the hard work of getting back up for yourself and your children as many times as it takes, and living through relationships that may survive or fail, but always bring you closer to the home inside of you. 


I am here for you, for us, at this time, because it is exactly my soul's offering to the planetary ascension that is underway. And if I can help a woman remember who she is, or help a couple to connect instead of separate from one another, or teach a company leader how to integrate feminine and masculine leadership - if I can share what I have learned with all of these integrated lessons in my own life - then it was all worth it. 


In love & connection,  

Sarah Poet 

Credentials, Certification

& Experience

  • Undergraduate degree in Environmental Sustainability & Food Systems: I started out by working in schools with troubled kids, growing vegetables and teaching them to cook greens for their families. 

  • Master's Degree in Special Education: Focus in Social and Emotional Disorders. I like figuring out the tough stuff, building connection, healing the wounds, and accessing the heart. 

  • Curriculum development specialist: I specialized in thematic units of instruction, place-based education, project-based education

  • Holistic education expert: I have designed school-wide educational curriculums that integrate character education alongside effective & academically rigorous education. It’s like I was doing soul-work the entire time I was in classrooms! 

  • Character education curriculum development: Mindfulness, Trauma-informed care, Mindset, Grit

  • Post-Master's Degree in School Leadership: Experience as administrator at Asheville’s leading environmental education charter school 

  • Teacher Coach & Mentor: Coaching teachers how to improve, in tandem with goals they set and monitored (very different than the typical top-down model of performance evaluation in education) 

  • Mindful Schools Certified Trainer: Trauma-informed, somatic mindfulness trainings, Vipassana retreats, year-long certification program

  • School design: I created a school within a residential treatment high school for male adolescents with Level I Autism, integrating character education & mindfulness. It was my grand finale in school education (so far).

  • Racial Equity Institute training participant 

  • Various trauma, Somatics, & Resiliency certifications 

  • Advanced Reiki - Level 3

  • Shamanic Priestess Mentorship 2018-2019

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • I became an entrepreneur in 2017 specializing in trauma-informed coaching, integrating energy healing, and truly transformative care for individuals and couples. I also learned a ton about the road of the “soul-preneur” & now many women come to me for coaching in this area. 

  • LIFE -  The biggest, grandest education. And, I pay attention. Life has taught me my own close, close relationship with the archetypal masculine & feminine. Life taught me how to stop projecting and to really heal trauma. Life taught me that I wasn’t going to find that outside of myself, and that I needed to go Home, to Self, to the Sacred within, to remember the truth of who I am. Life taught me that I needed to get my ass up, integrate the lessons, lay down the BS, as a matter of survival. Life taught me how to really live richly and it taught me what prosperity truly is. Life taught me what I’m here for and how to be me. Life taught me how to live & speak truth, no matter the risk. Life taught me how to live consciously, the person I want to be,how to truly, truly love. And Life, dear one, is the greatest experience & credential I can offer you. 

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