Sarah Poet


Sarah Poet

Sarah Poet is the host of the Sacred Remembering Podcast for modern women waking up to the truth of who they are. She is also the creator of Embodied Breath, a practice bridging feminine & masculine, conscious embodiment, union, activism, and a deep respect for the Great Mystery that is this life. 

  • Undergraduate degree in Environmental Sustainability & Food Systems: I started out by working in schools with troubled kids, growing vegetables and teaching them to cook greens for their families. 

  • Master's Degree in Special Education: Focus in Social and Emotional Disorders. I like figuring out the tough stuff, building connection, healing the wounds, and accessing the heart. 

  • Curriculum development specialist: I specialized in thematic units of instruction, place-based education, project-based education

  • Holistic education expert: I have designed school-wide educational curriculums that integrate character education alongside effective & academically rigorous education. It’s like I was doing soul-work the entire time I was in classrooms! 

  • Character education curriculum development: Mindfulness, Trauma-informed care, Mindset, Grit

  • Post-Master's Degree in School Leadership: Experience as administrator at Asheville’s leading environmental education charter school 

  • Teacher Coach & Mentor: Coaching teachers how to improve, in tandem with goals they set and monitored (very different than the typical top-down model of performance evaluation in education) 

  • Mindful Schools Certified Trainer: Trauma-informed, somatic mindfulness trainings, Vipassana retreats, year-long certification program

  • School design: I created a school within a residential treatment high school for male adolescents with Level I Autism, integrating character education & mindfulness. It was my grand finale in school education (so far).

  • Racial Equity Institute training participant 

  • Various trauma, Somatics, & Resiliency certifications 

  • Advanced Reiki - Level 3

  • Shamanic Priestess Mentorship 2018-2019

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • I became an entrepreneur in 2017 specializing in trauma-informed coaching, integrating energy healing, and truly transformative care for individuals and couples. I also learned a ton about the road of the “soul-preneur” & now many women come to me for coaching in this area. 

  • LIFE -  The biggest, grandest education. And, I pay attention. Life has taught me my own close, close relationship with the archetypal masculine & feminine. Life taught me how to stop projecting and to really heal trauma. Life taught me that I wasn’t going to find that outside of myself, and that I needed to go Home, to Self, to the Sacred within, to remember the truth of who I am. Life taught me that I needed to get my ass up, integrate the lessons, lay down the BS, as a matter of survival. Life taught me how to really live richly and it taught me what prosperity truly is. Life taught me what I’m here for and how to be me. Life taught me how to live & speak truth, no matter the risk. Life taught me how to live consciously, the person I want to be,how to truly, truly love. And Life, dear one, is the greatest experience & credential I can offer you. 

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