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The Regenerative Feminine

I help women heal from the exhaustion & depletion of outdated paradigms so you have more available energy to live a sovereign & abundant life.

Feminine energy deserves respect. 

And it starts with women redefining our resources, 
and then clarifying our value to the world.


Women have 8 inherent resources that are the root our true value. 
Find out more.

Thank you.

I can help you

I like to go to the root of things - the root of the "why."

And the truth is that for so long,
women's bodies & the earth's body have been expected to continually give, within an extractive system, leading to a net-loss in our energy.

The time has come for a new paradigm of replenishment.

Burnout isn't natural. 

The natural state of the feminine is abundance.

The natural state of any ecosystem is unity, harmony, and regenerative energy. 

Sarah Poet Sacred Remembering Women's Empowerment

Helping women to reclaim our innate feminine value, just like Nature teaches us.

Hi, I'm Sarah Poet. My mission is to help as many women as possible to stand in the full truth of who they are, in feminine/masculine harmony, in sovereign energy, and in a new paradigm of resourcefulness and prosperity.  


I do this through courses, thought-leadership, energetic attunement, organizing community, and offering direct guidance. I guide individuals, systems, and relationships from a unique and diverse toolkit. 

Welcome. If I can support you in these changing times, please reach out.


“I would absolutely recommended this work. Learning to receive resources by being yourself is the antidote to women's hustle and being continually consumed. I think most women could benefit from learning to look to Source/Divine for resources instead of men.”

-E.H., mama & artist


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Located in Asheville, NC, USA

Serving clients internationally. 

I love hearing from you.

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